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July 07, 2016

Tom Green Awarded 2016 Distinguished Judge Recognition

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - USA Archery is proud to honor Judge Tom Green for over 30 years of dedicated judge service with the 2016 Distinguished Judge honor. Green became a National Judge in 1988 and an International Judge in 1991 and has served as a Chair of USA Archery's Officials and Rules Committee for two decades.

Green was recently recognized with the World Archery Judge Outstanding Service Award as he retired as a World Archery Judge after years serving as a judge for many World Field Championships, World Indoor Championships, World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games. Green has been a member of the World Archery Field Committee from 2006-2014 and the Target Committee from 2006-2012.

Green continues to serve as a National Judge, Director of Shooting and Chairman of Judges for National Target Championships, Olympic Festivals, National Field Championships, National Indoor Championships, local and state tournaments. For 16 years, Green was the Tournament Director for the National Target Championships. He served 8 years as the Judge Director on the USA Archery Board of Directors and has made major contributions to represent and improve judges not only in the U.S. but also across the world.

National Events Manager Sheri Rhodes commends Green on his efforts: "Tom has been such a vital part of USA Archery's Officials and Rules program.  Many judges, those that are new to judging and long-time judges alike, look to Tom for his wisdom and experience in solving the unusual situations and the typical rules interpretation. He truly represents the example of the best practices in Judging."

Green has been a major asset in the USA Archery judge community: "I became a Judge for several reasons. I was an archer and saw a need for Judges in my State since pretty much only one person was doing everything.  The other Judges I met across the nation [at that time] were quite elderly and really did not have that much enthusiasm for judging. What really got me motivated was in 1983 I met some wonderful Judges at the World Championships."

Green's favorite part of being a judge is getting to experience many parts of the world: "I have had many great experiences as a Judge.  Getting to travel all over the world - I love to travel, getting a chance to go to places in the world that I never imagined I would ever go to and meeting people that I now consider my best friends."

USA Archery greatly appreciates the efforts of our judges, who make it possible for us to have events run smoothly and with integrity. To learn more about becoming a judge, visit our Judge's Page here. USA Archery thanks Judge Tom Green for continued outstanding service at USA Archery events and recognizes his years of hard work as an international judge. Green will be presented with the award at the USA Archery Awards Dinner on July 15, 2016 at Outdoor Nationals in Decatur, Alabama.

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