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January 28, 2010

Resident Athletes "Got Stung" Testing New B-Stinger Stabilizer Bars

The Stabilizer Company, makers of the new B-Stinger Premier Stabilizer Bars, recently had the USA Archery resident athletes try the new B-Stinger product line at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. Stabilizer Company owner Blair Sandberg and National Field Archery Association pro archer Greg Poole worked with the USA Archery resident team in setting up try out dates.

The purpose of the of the trial phases was to maximize stabilizations and hear feedback from legendary USA Archery National Coach Kisik Lee, Resident Coach Guy Krueger and resident athletes. The Stabilizer Company has been working with both top compound and recurve shooters that includes: U.S. Olympic team hopefuls jake Kaminski and Kiristin Braun; 2-time U.S. Paralympic medalist Jeff Fabry; top compound female youth prospect Tristan Skarvan; and pro female compound shooter Jamie Van Natta.

During the two trial periods at the Olympic Training Center, U.S. coaches Lee and Krueger studied the overall performance levels of the resident athletes and tracked results with the new B-Stinger and without. The results proved to be successful in helping archers perform at higher levels. Both coaches decided that there is a competitive advantage in a quality stabilizer system.

"I can see that the archers are much more stable when they use the B-Stinger Stabilizers," said Lee. "This is a biomechanical advantage for us to use."

Krueger added, "I was very skeptical at first that a stabilizer could actually make that big of a difference. After seeing the difference in our archers' stability and testing myself, I realized these aren't just stabilizers for the bow but for the archer also."

The athletes' reactions to the new B-Stinger line coincided with the coaches' sentiments. The B-Stinger makes the bow more resistant to torque or other external forces.

"B-Stinger Stabilizers are great for target acquisition and stability," said Heather Koehl, the 2009 U.S. Women's Open champion. "They allow my equipment to perform at its max."

The Stabilizer Company went to the chalk board to develop the new freestyle bars that included the principles of rotational inertia and vibration dampening. The results from the numerous development meetings for the B-Stinger were effective in holding a steadier shot.

"I am very impressed with these stabilizers," said Kaminski. "Bottom line is I can hold really easy and steady. I love it."

The Stabilizer Company, headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., is focused towards developing individual stabilizer bars for the top archers in the United States to help achieve their ultimate goal of competing at World Championships, Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"We have the ability to apply the physics of stabilization to make the right product for these shooters," said Sandberg, who also is the patent owner on the B-Stinger line. "We need to apply the principles of stabilization to each individual shooter and their set-up in order to maximize a stabilization platform. When we accomplish this, the shooter has a steadier sight picture that moves slower and smaller, that allows the archers mind to relax and focus on a pristine release."

For more information on the B-Stinger Stabilizer Bars visit or call toll free at (866) 243-2444.


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