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July 04, 2012

Easton JOAD Nationals Results Announced

Updated, July 8:

Click here to view updated standings, posted July 8, including placements in each event for each archer.

Additionally, there are thirty-eight lost arrows that were recovered at the field. Those who lost an arrow during the event, or know of someone who did, are encouraged to contact Jim Coombe from the Cincinnati Junior Olympians JOAD Club, to arrange for the return of the arrow(s): [email protected].

Original story, July 4:

Hamilton, Ohio - Anyone wondering whether archery is gaining in popularity with young people would have been encouraged to witness the Easton JOAD Nationals in Hamilton this past weekend, where over 370 young shooters showed their passion for the sport despite blazing heat and a "derecho" - a severe line of storms that produced wind conditions equivalent to that of a small tornado on the very field where the event was held.

Following qualifications on Wednesday and Thursday (see for qualification round standings) and a Friday team round that was canceled due to an excessive heat warning, a derecho rolled over the field on Friday afternoon, nearly leveling the field. With the help of over 70 people on Friday evening, the field was rebuilt and competition continued on Saturday with the elimination rounds of the Easton JOAD Nationals and the finals of the Hoyt World Open for the adults.

Outstanding shooting from many of the archers either solidified their hold on the top spot or helped them to gain traction in the Grand National Champion rankings. It was clear from the applause during the awards ceremonies on Saturday that many of the winners were products of strong, established JOAD programs from across the country, while quite a few were also representing newer, developing clubs. Strong club presences were noted from the Archery Learning Center in Georgia and the Easton Newberry Sports Complex JOAD in Newberry, Florida, as well as Wildlife Committee of Washington, South Texas JOAD, Utah FITA Archers, Pro Line Archery JOAD, as well as members of the Junior Dream Team.

The bowmen - the youngest archers, permitted to compete in that age division through the calendar year of their 12th birthdays - produced four Grand National Champions: John Klus (WI) in the compound bowman men's group; Julia Ackley (NY) in the compound bowman women's category; Madeleine Ducote (TX) in the recurve bowman women's group; and Tyler King (CA), taking the national title for the recurve bowman men.

Cub archers, competing through the calendar year of their 14th birthdays, were led by Grand National Champion Jordan Locklin (GA) in the compound cub women's group; Zachary Pescitelli (GA) earned the title for the compound cub men; Caity Farr (NJ) became the Champion for the recurve cub women; and Ralph Lawton (PA) won the recurve cub men's category.

The cadet archers, which comprised the largest group of youth competitors at the event, compete in their age group through the calendar year of their 17th birthday. Alexander Olson (IA) became the JOAD Grand National Champion in the compound cadet men's group; Danielle Reynolds (AZ) took the title in the compound cadet women's category; Jenny Han (CA) won the top spot in the recurve cadet women's group; and Collin Klimitchek (TX) earned the Championship for the recurve cadet men.

For the juniors, competing through the calendar year of their 20th birthday, 14 year old Lauren Clamon (CA) made her mark, earning the championship title for the recurve women. Alex Wifler (IL) took the title for the recurve junior men, while the compound Grand National Champions were Gabrielle Cyr (ME) and Riley Whiting (UT).

In determining the Easton JOAD Nationals Grand National Champion, archers were ranked based on their finish in the qualification round, a point given to all archers for the cancelled team round event, and final finish in the elimination rounds. In the case of a tie in Grand National Champion points, the elimination round finish served to break the tie. Guest Class participants, ineligible for the Grand National Champion awards, were ranked and awarded separately within their own categories. Anyone who has questions or concerns regarding the results to contact JOAD Coordinator Diane Watson via email: [email protected] or phone: 727-389-3264. 

USA Archery extends an apology for the confusion during Saturday's awards ceremonies that caused some awards to be redistributed within the top three. USA Archery issued a statement via Facebook on Monday that the organization would be researching the results again prior to releasing them to the public. USA Archery extends its sincere apologies to any archers and families who have been inconvenienced.

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