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July 10, 2012

National Rankings Updated

Important Update 7/10 - National Rankings now updated

Click here to visit our "Team" page, and select "National Teams" (cadet and junior USAT rankings) or "National Ranking System" (senior rankings).

USA Archery would like to extend its thanks for the patience of its members regarding updates to the National Rankings. Members may be aware that there was a recent staff change within the high performance team at USA Archery. With the close proximity of this change to the Olympic Trials, Ogden World Cup, National Championships and Olympic Games, the duties of the vacant position have been divided among other staff members until the position can be posted and interviewed for, following the Olympic Games. As a result, the National Rankings were not been updated in a timely fashion, and we apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused archers and families who are trying to determine their travel schedule for the rest of the season. We realize that this delay is unacceptable, and ordinarily would not be an issue. Our staff worked through the weekend and through last night to get the rankings updated, and we thank you for your patience!

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