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October 16, 2019

USA Archery Opens Champions Purse: New Opportunity to Win Big at USA Archery Events

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – Throughout the entire 2019 season, USA Archery was thrilled to see new attendance records at every single national-level event, new national and world records, and an absolutely incredible rise of talent and passion for archery. To increase prize money opportunities and deepen payouts, USA Archery is excited to introduce the USA Archery Champions Purse for the 2020 national events season.

The USA Archery Champions Purse is an optional opportunity to strike gold for shooting gold. An additional entry fee to the Champions Purse unlocks eligibility to win big payouts. At least the top third of participants in each division will earn payouts according to the distribution chart. 100% of the buy-in goes to the purse and only “Champions Purse” athletes are eligible to win. Put your money where your mouth is in 2020 with the new USA Archery Champions Purse and earn some extra dough for making donuts with high scores at each national tournament this season!

Instead of the regular registration fee, typically $180, Champions Purse registrants will pay $300 to enter and 100% of the additional registration fees will be paid back to the archers according to the Champions Purse payout chart.

Learn more and earn more

The first USA Archery Champions Purse will be available with USA Archery Indoor Nationals this winter. If you have already registered for the event and would like to add Champions Purse registration, send an email to  [email protected] with your name, the location you registered in and the email address you used to register for Indoor Nationals. The additional fee will be added to your cart in Sport:80 and you’ll receive an email message to tell you to login and complete payment. If you have not yet registered, sign up today!

At this time, the Champions Purse is available only for the senior men and women’s recurve, compound and barebow divisions. For the 51stUSA Archery Indoor Nationals, the Champions Purse will only be available to U.S. citizens. This outdoor season, any USA Archery member in these divisions will be eligible to participate, regardless of citizenship.


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