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April 17, 2020

USA Archery Launches Partnerships with AccuBow, DeVry and Stop, Breathe & Think to Benefit Members During the Pandemic

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which has introduced increased health and safety measures that see many at home with events and practices cancelled or postponed, USA Archery is working hard to bring increased benefit to your membership while we prioritize your health and safety.

USA Archery has launched new partnerships with DeVry University, AccuBow and the Stop, Breathe & Think app with discounts for USA Archery members and their families. Read on for details!


All USA Archery members, their immediate siblings, spouses and children are eligible for exclusive savings from DeVry University. USA Archery members and their family members each receive:

  • One complimentary, accredited, college course
  • Up to a 30% partner tuition savings

USA Archery and the USPOC want to give back to our athletes and greatest supporters – YOU! Get started today by visiting the USOPC’s partner page or schedule a one-on-one connect.


USA Archery members will receive an additional 10% off of the current Spring Sale pricing on the AccuBow and AccuBow packages using the discount code USARCHERY on

Training with the AccuBow provides the USA Archery community with a method of improving their abilities outside of the range and the device works within the home and without ever firing an arrow.  The AccuBow is comprised of a single resistance band which can be increased or decreased from 10 to 70 pounds of pulling resistance, all while looking, feeling and releasing like a traditional bow. 

Stop, Breathe & Think

With many archers unable to access a range or find a place to practice shooting right now, this is a perfect time to turn inward and focus on mastering your mental game. That’s why we’ve partnered with Stop, Breathe & Think to give USA Archery members one month of free premium access to their award-winning meditation and mindfulness app. The Stop, Breathe & Think app can help support you and your family during this stressful time, and can help you sharpen your mind for competition when we’re safely able to rejoin each other on the field. 

Stop, Breathe & Think is an emotional wellness platform on a mission to help kids, teens and adults build the emotional strength to handle whatever comes their way. The 5-star-rated app is a 2019 Top 10 Alexa skill and paving the way to everyday emotional wellness with bite-size personalized content and activities tuned to how a user feels in the moment. Research has shown that mindfulness has positive benefits for your health, work, and relationships. Join the Movement!

USA Archery Members will receive information on how to access their free month of premium content via email.

View a complete listing of USA Archery member discounts and find more resources such as videos, games, activities, meditations and more to keep you on target with our new COVID-19 At Home resources.

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