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June 03, 2022

USA Archery Increases Para Archery Outreach Initiatives

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Archery is a sport that is open to everyone; it is inclusive of all ages, genders and abilities. Athletes with physical or cognitive impairments, who may otherwise be dissuaded from participating in sports can participate in archery alongside athletes without any disability. Whether the goal is to just get out and socialize or be active, or to make a U.S. Paralympic or World Championship Team, archery is a sport that lends itself to any path.

USA Archery is actively developing cooperative partnerships to grow our para athlete pipeline in alignment with the 2022-2028 Para High Performance Plan, which was developed in partnership with Para Athlete Advisory Council. It is our priority to grow the sport, introduce adaptive athletes to archery and provide them with the resources and opportunities to learn, practice and compete, and to cultivate and develop emerging talents into high-performing athletes at the national and international levels. 

USA Archery has partnered with Move United, a U.S.-based, non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of parasports among youth and adults with physical disabilities through more than 200 chapters across the nation. From our joint production of the Adaptive Archery Manual and Video Series, to partnering on adaptive archery clinics and event opportunities, our most recent endeavor was to host a booth at the 2022 Move United Education Conference in Colorado Springs, Colo. May 9-11. Next, we will support the Move United Junior Nationals, July 16-22, 2022 in Denver, Colo. This event will offer Para Classification on July 16. 

Jessica Cloy, Competition Manager for Move United, commented: “Move United is excited to partner with USA Archery to grow the sport among athletes with disabilities. This partnership aligns with our mission to develop independence, confidence, and fitness among athletes with disabilities through participation in community sports, including competition, recreation and educational programs. Through this collaboration, we hope to increase the opportunities available for athletes to compete at the grassroots level and up.”

“USA Archery is committed to reaching new audiences and providing increased opportunities for Para athlete growth and development,” said USA Archery Chief of Sport Performance and Organizational Development Mary Emmons. “From grassroots to gold medals, there is a place for everyone within USA Archery’s clubs, programs and events. Beginning in 2022, Para divisions are now offered at JOAD Target Nationals and JOAD Indoor Nationals to create new competitive pathways for disabled youth athletes. In addition, USA Archery will continue to partner with adaptive youth-serving organizations and military event organizers to reach new participants.”

USA Archery has also partnered with one of our local club programs, Archery School of the Rockies, which was awarded a VA Adaptive Sports Grant. The Archery School of the Rockies is hosting an Adaptive Archery Coaches Conference on August 19, 2022, in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Speakers Include:

  • William Bowman, Fabricator of adaptive archery equipment, 2021 Doc Counselman Award Recipient 
  • Mary Emmons, Chief of Sport Performance & Organizational Development, USA Archery 
  • Roger Koss, Coach, Kinetic Kids San Antonio Xtreme
  • Kevin Mather, Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Gold Medalist
  • Cindy Poorman, Physical Therapist, USA Para Archery Classifier
  • M.J. Rogers, Coach U.S. Paralympic Archery Team 2012, 2016, 2020
  • Susan B. Rossi, Director of Competition, MNPS, CTRS, Move United

Call (719) ARCHERY for more information and to register.

Additional resources USA Archery is proud to present for disabled veteran athletes include a Veteran Assistance Allowance. The VA Office of National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events provides a monthly assistance allowance for disabled veterans training in Paralympic archery, as an emerging or national team athlete, as authorized by 38 U.S.C. 322(d) and Section 703 of the Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2008.

Recently, USA Archery released an updated Policy for Wheelchairs, Assistive Devices, Agents and Service Animals, intended to provide useful information for archers using a wheelchair, assistive devices (including wheelchairs, stools and V.I. tactile rigs), agent or service animal at a USA Archery sanctioned event. 

To learn more about involvement in archery as an adaptive athlete, visit or contact [email protected].  

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