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December 22, 2022

USA Archery Announces Election Results for USOPC Athlete Advisory Council Sports Representative Alternate Seat

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – USA Archery (USAA) recently held elections to fill a seat for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) Athlete Advisory Council (AAC) Sports Representative Alternate position.

Members of the USOPC Athlete Advisory Council  are responsible for broadening communication between the USOPC and active athletes, and serves as a source of input and advice to the organization’s board of directors.

Newly elected USOPC AAC Sports Representative Alternate, Heather Koehl, remarked, “I am very honored to help represent all of our athletes. This sport means the world to me and I will do what I can to help.”

USAA is proud to congratulate Heather Koehl on their appointment to the USOPC AAC as the Sports Representative Alternate. By virtue of this appointment, Heather will also be appointed to the USAA Athlete Advisory Council and will serve as a non-voting member of the USAA Board of Directors. Should the USAA representative to the USOPC Athletes’ Advisory Council be absent from a USAA Board of Directors meeting, the alternate USAA representative to the USOPC Athletes’ Advisory Council, when present, shall be permitted to vote.

Members of the USOPC AAC and USAA AAC advise the USA Archery Board of Directors and staff on any issues relating to athletes or athlete rights. Council members represent the athlete membership and act as a voice on their behalf. They are responsible for broadening communication between USA Archery and active athletes. Additionally, they review all team and staff selection procedures and provide input on other athlete related matters.

A complete summary of USAA Athlete Representatives are provided below:

USOPC AAC Athlete Representatives:

  • USAA Representative, Jacob Wukie
  • USAA Alternate, Heather Koehl
  • General Paralympic Representative, Erev King
  • General Paralympic Representative Alternate, Lee Ford
    • USOPC Nominating and Governance Committee Member

USOPC AAC Contact List

USOPC AAC Fall Meeting Summary

USAA Board of Directors Athlete Representatives:

  • At-Large Athlete Representative, Brady Ellison
  • At-Large Athlete Representative, Lexi Keller
  • Para Athlete Representative, Eric Bennett
  • Compound Athlete Representative, Makenna Proctor
  • USOPC AAC Representative, Jacob Wukie
  • USOPC AAC Alternate Representative, Heather Koehl

USAA AAC 2023 Athlete Representatives:

  • Chair: Vacant
  • USOPC AAC Representative: Jacob Wukie
  • USOPC AAC Alternate Representative: Heather Koehl
  • Compound Male Athlete Representative: Steve Marsh
  • Recurve Male Athlete Representative: Brady Ellison
  • Recurve Female Athlete Representative: Amy Jung
  • Compound Female Athlete Representative: Makenna Proctor
  • Compound Female Athlete Representative: Savannah Vanderwier

Contact: [email protected]

USAA Para AAC 2023 Athlete Representatives:

  • Chair: Eric Bennett
  • Recurve Male Athlete Representative: Eric Bennett
  • Recurve Female Athlete Representative: Candice Caeser
  • Recurve Male Athlete Representative: Kevin Mather
  • Compound Male Athlete Representative: Andrew Pike
  • Compound Female Athlete Representative: Wendy Gardner
  • Compound Male Athlete Representative: Ben Thompson
  • Contact: [email protected]

Additional information on athletes services provided by the USOPC and USA Archery can be found here.

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