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May 08, 2023

Test yourself in the great outdoors at the USA Archery Field Nationals

DARRINGTON, Wash. – Registration remains open for the USA Archery Field Nationals, which return to the stunning mountain town of Darrington, WA, from June 23-25.

This event is shot in a rural setting with uneven terrain and natural obstacles. The format will include unmarked and marked rounds recurve, compound and barebow divisions. The Darrington Archery Range is a 155-acre largely wooded property, which consists of five ranges.

The USA Archery Field Nationals will involve archers shooting at unmarked as well as marked targets. Unmarked means that in addition to judging the target face's size and angle of shooting, archers also must judge the distance they are shooting at for a truly great challenge.

Archers will be required to battle the terrain, as well as the weather conditions. This means walking between targets, which in Darrington means hiking the hills.

This event draws archers from all backgrounds, including traditional longbow shooters, as well as target archers. Target archers, in particular, may discover that field archery offers some unique challenges, as they must overcome different faces, angles and – with the terrain taken into account – footing.

Set at the base of the Cascade Mountains, the town of Darrington sits 550 feet above sea level, and is close to three wilderness areas which contain hundreds of miles of hiking trails, waterfalls, lakes and forests.

Early registration remains open until June 2. The deadline for registration is June 9.

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