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January 25, 2024

Introducing the USA Archery 2024 Event Magazine

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Everything you need to know about USA Archery events in 2024 is all in one place, and that place is the USA Archery 2024 Event Magazine.

It is more than just a magazine outlining our events. The 70 pages are filled with details of adaptive archery, USA Archery’s Achievement Award Programs, judge and coach certification, high performance programs, as well as information surrounding the 2024 Virtual Symposium and Coaches’ Workshop, which proved incredibly successful in 2023.

Events have designated pages explaining how you can get involved, registration deadlines and contacts, all while offering background on the specific competition and format.

In this Olympic and Paralympic year, we also bring you a historical feature as we begin to build excitement ahead of Paris 2024, while also digging a little deeper into the award-winning Explore Archery program.

So, whether you are new to the sport or are an experienced athlete, allow the USA Archery 2024 Event Magazine to be your guide for what we hope will be another outstanding year.

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