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November 17, 2022

Explore Archery Program Highlight: Athena Archery and Adaptive Sports

ATHENS, GEORGIA - Archery is a sport for everyone. It is inclusive of all ages, genders and abilities. Athletes with physical impairments, who may otherwise be dissuaded from participating in sports can participate in archery alongside able-bodied athletes. Whether your goal is to just get out and socialize or be active, or to make a U.S. Paralympic or World Championship Team, archery is a sport that lends itself to any need.

The Athena Archery and Adaptive Sports Explore Archery Program is making these words a reality.

Started in 2013 by USA Archery Level 4-NTS Coach and Para athlete Erev King, Athena Archery and Adaptive Sports is geared towards making archery programs accessible to the greater Athens, Georgia community. Programs ranged from beginner "try archery" classes to birthday parties to intermediate-level instruction. In 2018, Athena Archery and Adaptive Sports became a non-profit, changing its mission slightly to focus on the introduction of archery programs for disabled youth and adults in the community. 

King commented, “Explore Archery is used for both able-bodied and disabled archers to allow archers the chance to put a bow in their hands and to find out if archery is a sport that they wish to participate in. We offer very affordable beginning archery classes, birthday parties, as well as drop-in beginning archery sessions. We also currently host a local High School club archery team.”

Coach King also offers free coaching to any disabled youth or adult in the community in the hope that through the sport of archery, they may find added value in participating in an activity that helps to elevate their mental and physical status, independent of whether they ever wish to become competitive in the sport.

King stated, “The participants are excited to come to classes and commonly bring along a new friend because of their positive experiences. Parents see how much fun their children are having and before long, ask to try archery out as well.” Since 2013, King estimates somewhere near 2,500-3,000 archers have been introduced to the sport through the programming she is offering.

Coach King is planning to grow the adaptive archery program by partnering with local rehabilitative agencies to make the program known to those who could potentially find benefit from participation.

King concluded, “Archery is an amazing sport that isn't just for those who wish to be competitive. The value in the sport for the recreational archer is tremendous, and the Explore Archery program serves as a foundation to bring the sport to your local community!”

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