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August 26, 2012

USAA Hires Full Time JOAD Coordinator and Outreach Assistant

Colorado Springs, CO - USA Archery, the National Governing Body for the sport of archery, has announced the hiring of two new full-time staff members: JOAD Coordinator Callie Grieser, and Outreach Assistant Jo Chouinard. Both positions will be based at the organization's national office in Colorado Springs, CO.


These modifications to USA Archery's Outreach staff are expected to ensure quality customer service and help the organization to expand the sport of archery to youth and adult audiences across the United States.


Grieser has a Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Science, and has previously worked with outdoor sports programs and retailers, including the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department, the University of Northern Colorado and Cabela's.


As the full-time JOAD Coordinator, Grieser will play an instrumental role in helping USA Archery to better support existing Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) clubs. Grieser will also provide customer service support to the Adult Archery Achievement and JOAD Xperience programs, as well as JOAD Camps.


"The hiring of a full time JOAD Coordinator will ensure that existing JOAD Clubs receive the support they require," explained Outreach Director Mary Emmons. "Callie will assist USA Archery in encouraging new club development and the expansion of archery programs to meet the growing interest in the sport of archery nationwide."


As USA Archery's Outreach Assistant, Chouinard, who has over fourteen years of experience as an administrative support professional, will provide administrative and customer support to the communities served by USA Archery's Outreach team.


In her new position, Chouinard will offer general customer service support related to instructor certification and certification renewals. She will also assist customers with finding instructor course locations, archery instructors and coaches.

"In hiring Jo, USA Archery is making a stronger commitment to full-time customer and member services," Emmons commented. "Jo will play a key role in making sure that the process for becoming an archery instructor is simple, efficient and timely."


Diane Watson, who previously worked as a part-time JOAD Coordinator, has been re-appointed as a Regional Coordinator for USA Archery. In her new role, Watson will assist USA Archery in providing instructor training courses and program training to partner organizations that wish to implement archery programs.

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