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November 12, 2015

USA Archery Celebrates New and Outgoing Board of Directors Members

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - USA Archery is excited to welcome new Board of Directors members, Rob Kaufhold (At Large Director), John Stover (Grassroots JOAD Director), Mike Cullumber (Judge Director) and Daren Cottle (Independent).

At this time, we would also like to recognize the efforts of our outgoing members, Greg Easton (At Large Director), Cindy Bevilacqua (Grassroots JOAD Director), Tom Green (Judge Director) and Belinda Foxworth (Independent Director and Board Chair).

USA Archery is led by a ten-person Board of Directors. Directors hold their positions for four years of volunteer service in office. The USAA Board of Directors represents the interests of the USA Archery members by providing the organization with policy, guidance, strategic and financial oversight.

"I am thankful for the service of our outgoing Board members. They have been an incredible resource to the organization and have led the organization to record membership levels," commented Denise Parker, CEO of USA Archery, "I am also happy to welcome our new Board members. This group will chart the future for the organization over the next quadrennial and I am excited to work with them to this end."

John Stover, the new Grassroots JOAD Director, has been an archer for 22 years, the parent of three competitive archers, a Continental Judge, Level 4-NTS Coach, and ITS and Co-Chair of a large JOAD Program. Highly qualified after serving four years as the JOAD Committee Chair, Stover shared during the election: "Fostering JOAD and other youth archery programs is an integral part of ensuring the depth of talent necessary for the U.S. to maintain a strong presence in international play."

Rob Kaufhold, our incoming At Large Director, holds over 50 years of archery experience in almost all classes of the sport. Growing up through a JOAD program, to being the parent of two young archers, Kaufhold's lifelong commitment to archery defined his passion for the sport, from creating Lancaster Archery Supply at age 21, to supporting hundreds of clubs and thousands of archers nationwide.

Kaufhold's insight will be invaluable to our organization. He shared in his candidate statement: "In my role as a USA Archery Board Member, I would bring respect for and lessons from archery's past, current experience with daily involvement in all aspects of archery, and a vested interest in the future."

Cullumber has worked as a USA Archery National Judge for years, in addition to being a Level 4-NTS coach and president of his archery club. His strong leadership background and familiarity with the backend of tournament functions and judging will help him in his new role. Cullumber shared: "I feel that my experiences in local, National and International events as a judge or coach gives me a well rounded view of the overall picture of the archery world´┐Ż I will be able to work with fellow Board members to guide the organization in helping with the growth of the grassroots level and helping potential archers who wish to become elite level archers."

Nominating and Governance Committee Chair Derek Davis stated: "I'm pleased to announce that the N&G Committee has selected Daren Cottle as the new Independent Director for the USA Archery Board of Directors. After discussion and deliberation, a majority decided his financial strength and experience was something needed to continue moving the organization forward." Cottle, currently the CFO and VP of Jas. D. Easton, Inc., has over 30 years of financial accounting and management experience. Prior to his work at Jas. D. Easton, Cottle was the Controller at Specialized Bikes, CFO of Sun Optics and VP Controller of Huntsman Packaging.  

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