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February 04, 2016

USA Archery Introduces Regional Dream Team Program

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - USA Archery is excited to introduce a new, next-step program for youth archers hoping to improve while working with some of the best, most dedicated coaches in the nation. As archery popularity has surged over the last few years, the Junior Dream Team (JDT) has also expanded to better support archers attempting to reach a higher level of competition. In addition to the Compound JDT program, which was launched in 2015, USA Archery will soon offer a new program: the Recurve Regional Dream Team (RDT).

There will be two regional teams - East and West - and each team will have a set of high level USA Archery coaches dedicated to helping archers achieve their goals, and eventually work to earn a place on the JDT. Level 5-NTS Coach Linda Beck, who also pioneered the introduction of the Compound JDT program, will lead the initiative. Coaches Mike Perrego, Victor Chia and Eric Tollefson, will join her as initial coaches of the RDT.

Coach Beck commented: "I am excited to be the coordinator for the new RDT program. I wanted to lead this program because I enjoy working with youth archers and look forward to working with the new RDT staff to help the archers raise their performance. Our aim is to help these emerging archers meet higher JDT standards and prepare them for JDT selection camp and National competitions.  The addition of RDT will provide opportunity for more archers to receive high quality training experience at some of the best training facilities in the country."

Each team will have a maximum of 30 members, although participation numbers for each camp may vary depending on space and staff available. The RDT camps will meet in archery centers local to each region and will be open to archers who have attended a JDT selection camp but did not make the cut, or applicants who are selected after meeting outlined criteria.

"We are excited to add the RDT to USA Archery's high performance programs. We want to have a strong and robust athlete development pipeline," says USA Archery CEO Denise Parker. "Because of tremendous growth in our programs and increased demand for quality coaching and training, we are pleased to introduce the RDT to accommodate the demand and to provide our youth archers with another opportunity for development."

To learn more about RDT selection criteria and application process, click here. Please direct questions to Linda Beck at [email protected].

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