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July 23, 2015

USA Archery Congratulates New JOAD Olympians and Adult Pin Recipients

USA Archery Congratulates New JOAD Olympians and Adult Pin Recipients

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - Earning the JOAD Gold Olympian Award is no small feat. "I was so excited. I didn't think I would ever get that pin," commented Sachiko Keane, age 13, of Precision Archery. 

"I tried for a whole year to shoot the scores needed. I actually stopped trying. I spent too much time thinking about my scores instead of just shooting. My coach [Derek Davis] says shoot your form and the scores will follow. He told me to stop trying so hard."

His advice paid off as Sachi finally shot the scores needed to earn the award. For the future, Sachi says: "I would like to make the USAT team and eventually compete for Columbia University."

Olympian Awards, earned by youth archers who belong to a JOAD Club, and Bronze, Silver and Gold Pins - earned by members of Adult Archery Program Clubs - signify continued hard work and dedication to the sport of archery.

Archers wishing to shoot for these awards must be current youth, adult, or family members of USA Archery and part of a registered USA Archery JOAD or Adult club. The awards are part of the USA Archery Achievement Program, which also provides achievement award pins for progressive scoring achievements, and encourages youth and adult archers to set and achieve goals in the sport of archery. Club leaders must request the awards from USA Archery by submitting the request for recognition form along with a signed copy of their scorecard.

In addition to a certificate and pin, Bronze JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a lightweight jacket, Silver JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a sports duffel bag and Gold JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a personalized plaque. Adult awards are recognized with Bronze, Silver, and Gold pins. Take a closer look at what scores will earn you a pin in the JOAD Indoor and Outdoor and Adult Indoor and Outdoor Achievement programs for Compound, Recurve, Barebow and Basic Compound. 

Archers: help us celebrate your achievement!

  1. Take a photo with your award - include your bow, a target, or anything else to let your friends and family know that you're an archer! Share it to your social media channels using #JOADOlympian or #AdultArcheryAchievement
  2. Email your photo to USA Archery so we can share it, too! Please include your name, the award you have won, and the name of your club. Send your photos to [email protected].

Please contact USA Archery Membership Coordinator Lorin Opfer at: [email protected] or 719-866-4621 for more information.

Congratulations from USA Archery to the following 105 JOAD Olympian award recipients who have earned their awards March 24, 2015 - July 13, 2015:

Bronze Olympians Silver Olympians Gold Olympians

Jared Wiezorek

Gracie Detamore

Cole Feterl

Kenny Cruze III

Josh Podgorski

Colton Uteley

Caleb Higdon

Elliot Nysven-Cull

Alexis Ruiz

Alex Kuntz

Sean Chang

Sachiko Keane

Thomas Wade

John Ozypn

Carson Sapp

Nathan Zimmerman

Logan Downey

Gracie Detamore

Montana Anderson

Bryan Ramirez

Spencer Yee

Jebediah Cliett

Matthew Nofel

Brian Bullis Jr.

Thadrick Heaney

Jacob Vaughters

Max Demarco

Eli Marshall

Travis Henck

Jake Pettit

Alison Stockman

Benjamin Maltbie

Dane Johnson

Julia Boyce

Karissa Yamaguchi

Ryland Hartman

Hunter Garrison

Jessarae Klatt

Kaje Franchow

Maxwell Thyer

Dylan Danko

Abriana Deslauriers

Josh Pdgorski

Evan Lucas

Elliot Nysven-Cull

Brian Bullis Jr.

Sean Chang

Avery Bruyette

Byungho Kim

Thadrick Heaney

Logan Downey

Imogen Grsemski

Joe Averill

Cal Eberhart

Megan Rivera

Carson Sapp

Nick Alden

CJ Ward

Emily Nelson

John Jordan Jeffries

Alex Trenthan

Nathan White


Hana Warren

Jack Williams


Aidan Laramie

Elek Miller

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