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July 10, 2017

USA Archery Commends JOAD Olympian and Adult Achievement Award Winners

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - As outdoor season heats up, many archers are working towards their USA Archery Achievement Awards. Archers who have previously earned awards indoors are able to earn additional pins for their outdoor lanyard.

The awards are part of the USA Archery Achievement Program, which provides achievement award pins for progressive scoring achievements, and encourages youth and adult archers to set and achieve goals in the sport of archery.

In addition to a certificate and pin, Bronze JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a backpack, Silver JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a lightweight jacket, and Gold JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a belt buckle. Adult awards are recognized with Bronze, Silver, and Gold pins. 

Vance Patrilla, a coach for the Wapsi Warrior club shared: "We greatly appreciate the Achievement Awards for what they represent and the encouragement they provide when our archers achieve each level. Performing at a high level is, in itself, satisfying, but as a coach I have noticed that our top shooters reach for these awards with great enthusiasm, pushing themselves to earn the next level. We hold simple award ceremonies to recognize our archers' Achievement Awards. The beginning archers pay close attention and seem to constantly increase their efforts to earn their next Achievement Pin."

Level 5-NTS Coach Linda Beck, whose archer, Cole Zeug, age 13, just earned his Gold Olympian award, agreed: "As a Coach the pins and Olympian awards provide an incentive to set goals, put in more hours of training and improve communication with coaching staff as archers will ask what they need to do to earn their next pin. New members see the lanyards with pins hanging from archers quivers and they ask 'How do I get those?'"

Archers wishing to shoot for these awards must be current youth, adult, or family members of USA Archery and part of a registered USA Archery JOAD or Adult club.

Congratulations to the following archers on their significant achievements this quarter!

JOAD Olympian Award Winners:

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Adeline Reynolds - C

Grace Frickenstein - C

Whitney Jensen - R

Katherine Cunningham - C

Elianna Coon - C

Lindsey Bouffard - R

Elijah Brewer - R

Ava Dremann - C

Evan Koepfer - C

Sydney Simmerman - R

David Merritt - C

Sara Sherman - C

Austin Barnes - C

Zackery Garcia - R

Zoey Wapniarski - R

Colby Weaver - C

Drake Coffman - C

Jarrett Pilgram - R

Isabella Bastiani - C

Amanda Newland - C

Nathaniel Wilken - C

Anessa Williamson - R

Inga Pever - R

Clay Weaver - C

Ena Walter - C

Anai Lemus - R

Aaron Rice - C

Cassidy Lacson-Villafuerte - R

Adam Trombley - C

Dakota Galliano - R

Alex Holmes - R

Christhian Salazar - R

Kiersten Sues - C

Rishi Nair - R

Harsha Pavaluri - R

Cole Helmandollar - C

Nathan Scott - C

Lincoln Jensen - B

Ryan Kitts - C

Ethan Cilley - R

Tayler Anderson - C

Charlotte Adams - B

Gabe Jasko - R

Danielle Herrlein - C

Raegan Bender - C

Preston Adkins - C

Aliyah Sebert - C

Kaylee Brodie - C

Owen Eichinger - C

Tyler Herber - C

Cooper Davies - C

Nicholas Quava - C

Carter Hansen - C

Gavin Balance - C

Spencer Shipman - C

Summer Cheesman - C

Amanda Branch - C

Amanda Cooper - C

Ana Seiler - C

Ashton Shemet - C

Rachel Green - C

Trey McDonald - C

Holland Linterman - R

Kelly Davis - C

Dalan Hazelbush - C

Kiel Amundsen - C

Haley Sackman - R

Jessica Wu - R

Kristopher Morgan - C

Gabriel Karl - R

Seth McWherter - R

Holt Albertson - C

Dana Janiec - C

Matthew Hanson - R

Austin Allen - C

Tyler Thomas - C

Grace Lum - R

Gracie Clendenin - C


Benjamin Cochran - R

Elizabeth Canham - BC

Aliyah Sebert - C

Molly Nugent - R

Seth McWherter - R

Drake Coffman - C

Ena Walter - C

Ryan Kitts - C