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August 29, 2013

Titles Awarded at National Traditional Championships

EAST LANSING, Mich. - The Demmer Center at Michigan State University once again hosted the Annual National Traditional Target Archery Championship, which consists of four rounds in three different divisions. The divisions are basically as follows: traditional consists of all-wood longbows without arrow rests or shelves, longbow, which allows fiberglass or other "modern" man-made materials with arrow rests, but only allows wooden arrows, or traditional recurve, which is limited to wood risers only.

The York Round, which only allows male participants, is comprised of 72 arrows at 100 yards, 48 arrows at 80 yards, and 24 arrows at 60 yards on a 122cm face with scoring values of 9,7,5,3 or 1. The Hereford Round is the women's version of the York Round, shot at 80, 60, and 50 yards.  30 arrows are shot at 60, 50 and 40 yards in the American Round with the same scoring process as the York and Hereford Rounds, but is open to everyone. Finally, the Clout Round is judged on 36 arrows shot at 165m for men and 125m for women, based on distance within concentric circles marked on the ground. 

The scores from all three rounds are tallied and calculated to determine overall winners. Brian Luke finished first in both traditional longbow and traditional recurve for all three rounds for an impressive gap over any other competition on the field. Tom Dean finished second in the York and American Rounds, giving him overall silver for the traditional longbow. Norm Graham finished with overall third in both traditional longbow and traditional recurve. Joe Stemen finished second in overall traditional recurve. Glenn Meyers, David Appold, and William Bean were the top three finishers in each round and overall with the modern longbow. 

For the women, Joan Hinterbichler took gold for the traditional longbow, Alina Boyden won the modern longbow category, and Hannah Sievers finished first in the traditional recurve division. Hinterbichler set and impressive new tournament record in the Clout Round, scoring 100 points.

This competition is a beautiful tradition celebrating much of the history of archery and marking some great accomplishments. A complete explanation of rules for participation can be found here:

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