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September 06, 2009

Team USA in Recurve Eliminations

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

The women's recurve team began the morning eliminations this Sunday morning.  On a bright sunny day, the competition venue is providing light to breezy winds.  The three American women's recurve archers advanced to the eliminations in 7th, 24th, and 69th.

The first American who fell in the elimination rounds in her first World Championships was Kristin Braun.  Having shot a 1258 in the qualification round and finishing 69th, Braun competed in the 1/64th round against the 60th Anbarasi Subramaniam of Malaysia.  Following the first end Braun trailed Subramaniam 50 to 49.  Following the 2nd end Subramaniam was the winner 101 to 106, placing Braun in 71st place. 

In a surprise upset in the 1/32 round, 7th ranked Jennifer Nichols was on the loosing end of a shoot-off with #58 Anneli Preimann of Estonia.  Following the first end Nichols was ahead of Preimann 55 / 54 with 6 arrows remaining.  During the second end the scores were flipped leaving the archers tied 108.  The archers went to the one arrow shoot-off.  The American Nichols shot an 8 only to see Preimann shoot a 10.  The score of 108 placed Nichols into 33rd place out of the 97 archers. 

The remaining archer following the 1/32 round was 24th ranked Khatuna Lorig.  In her first match in the 1/32 round, Lorig defeated the archer Banerjee India 105 to 99.  Moving on to the 1/16 round, Lorig faced Lobzhenidze of Ukraine.  Following the first end Lorig was trailing by one point 51 / 50.  The end of the match saw Lobzhenidze defeating Lorig in a one point match 103 / 102.  Finishing Lorig in 28th out of 97 archers.      

The men's recurve team competed in the afternoon under bright sunny skies and winds swirling around the stadium.  Scoping the targets following ends saw groups of arrows scattered around the targets.  The men's team qualified positions of 8th, 43rd, and 48th

In the 1 / 64th round 43rd ranked archer Vic Wunderle faced Goktug Ergin of Turkey.  After the first end of the match, Ergin lead the match 54 to 49.  The archers regrouped for the second end and Wunderle outscored Ergin 51 to 50.  Ergin's lead from the first end was maintained and defeated Wunderle 104 to 100.  With the score Wunderle finished 96th out of 116 archers.

The remaining two archers Butch Johnson and Brady Ellison were shooting on the same bracket, with position separating.  Number 48th archer Johnson faced Stephen Florence of New Zealand in the 1/64th round.  In the end of the match Johnson stood victorious over Florence 107 to 96.  Moving on to the 1/32nd round Johnson faced Duenas of Canada.  The Canadian Duenas defeated Johnson 107 to 103, placing 55th out of the 116 archers. 

The third American competing for USA Archery was Brady Ellison entering the competition ranked #8.  Following a bye in the 1/64th round Ellison faced Vaziritey of Iran.  Ellison defeated Vaziritey with a 108 to 103.  The 1/16th round match pitted Ellison versus Chen of China.  The first end of the match saw Ellison leading 56 to 54.  The second end of the match saw a reversal of points with Chen shooting a 57 to Ellison's 53.  The match ended with Chen winning 111 to 109, placing Ellison in 20th place.  Monday, September 7th will be the team competitions for all of Team USA Archers. 

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