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December 12, 2016

Program Highlight: Top Pin Archery Academy

REDMOND, Oregon - As 2016 draws to a close, many archery programs are looking for ways to expand and grow in the upcoming year. Top Pin Archery Academy in Redmond, Oregon recently upgraded their Explore Archery Program to a JOAD Club in addition to their Adult Archery Program, and has seen great success.

Beth Winkler, a Bow Tech at the range's pro shop and coach of the Top Pin Archery Academy shared her club's story with us: "I was a 4H leader at the time and I had just gotten my Level 2 instructor certification from USA Archery when Top Pin asked me to start teaching. We got the Explore Archery book and were running that program once a week for a six-week program."

"A few local kids and parents wanted a JOAD club and to be part of USA Archery," added Winkler. "I got my Level 3-NTS coach certification from Linda Beck and about a year ago we started a JOAD club. Offering the JOAD program has made a big difference; one of our archers just earned his Silver Olympian Award and another earned his Bronze. They've really come a long way!"

She continued: "We're actually opening up another Explore Archery program for kids who don't have equipment so they can learn how to shoot with proper form, to follow range rules, and then hopefully they'll move up into the JOAD and get their own equipment and learn how to work on it."

Winkler shared that the success of the JOAD program is largely credited to the team atmosphere that program continuity provides: "I think a lot of it is the camaraderie, being part of a team or a group."

The Top Pin Archery Academy still uses many of the games from the Explore Archery program to keep the fun part of the developmental process: "The games that are in the Explore Archery book are a lot of fun and they teach the kids without them really knowing that they're being taught something. They reiterate form that you're working on by playing games in the book. It's an individual sport but it's also a team sport, which is really pretty cool."

To upgrade your Explore Archery program to a JOAD Club, contact [email protected]. View the benefits of creating a JOAD Club. You can also upgrade your JOAD Club to include an Adult Archery Program very easily also by contacting [email protected].

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