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November 06, 2010

New National Ranking System, International Team Selection Procedures Posted

USA Archery has recently posted detailed information explaining the new National Ranking System (NRS) as well as proposed International Team Selection procedures for 2011. All members are encouraged to review this important information. 


The new National Ranking System, which will go into effect on January 1, 2011, is clearly outlined in the document "National Ranking System 101," which provides a step-by-step framework for how the NRS will function, and how it will be implemented for 2011 and beyond. In addition, USA Archery has posted "mock" results of what the NRS would have produced had it been in effect during the 2010 season.  


The International Team Selection Procedures have been published in order to encourage USA Archery members to provide feedback to their elected representatives prior to the USA Archery Board of Directors meeting on December 3. These Procedures must be approved by both the USA Archery Board of Directors as well as the United States Olympic Committee Team Selection Working Group (USOC TSWG) prior to being finalized. 

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