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June 29, 2012

National Champions Claim 2012 Titles in Ohio

Hamilton, OH - Competitors at the 128th National Target Championships faced extreme temperatures reaching a high of 109 degrees yesterday. Despite the heat and variable winds archers were able to shoot some impressive scores.

In the recurve division Brady Ellison won another national championship showing why he is ranked number one in the world. Five-time Olympian Richard (Butch) Johnson came in second place and unofficially beat his own Masters 90m world record. Jake Kaminski a 2012 Olympic team member came in third place.

Khatuna Lorig, who recently helped her team to qualify a spot in the 2012 Olympic Games, won the women's recurve division. Lorig was trailed by her two Olympic teammates Miranda Leek and Jennifer Nichols.

The compound men's division scores were extremely close in the tope three. Only two points separated first and second and one point separated second and third. Reo Wilde continued his impressive season by winning the National Target Championship. Reo has won 12 of 15 tournaments this year including three World Cup Stages. Dave Cousins came in second place and Garret Aberenthy finished third.

Erika Anschutz who is coming off a team silver medal at the world cup in Ogden won the women's compound division by 19 points. Anschutz's teammates who helped her win that medal, Jamie Van Natta and Christie Colin, finished second and third. Van Natta and Colin faced each other in the individual gold medal match at the World Cup in Ogden. Colin won the match in a shoot-off.

Each year USA Archery recognizes one archer per division with the highest cumulative score from the indoor, field and outdoor national championships. Compound archers are given the Easton award and Recurve archers are given the Shenk Award.

The winners this year's Easton Award are Dave Cousins and Jamie Van Natta.

The winner of this year's Shenk Award is Joe McGlyn. There was no female recurve archer that competed in all three events.

Recurve Masters 50+ Men

Glenn Meyers 1246

Gary Yamaguchi 1233

David Wearne 1222

Recurve Masters 50+ Women

Connie Kochert 1194

Elzbieta Tworek 1096

Mary Twombly 1036


Recurve Masters 60+ Men

Tom Booth 1164

Ted Light 1128

Jaques-Andre Morin 1125


Recurve Masters 60+ Women

Paula Prichard 967


Recurve Masters 70+ Men

Larry Skinner 1154

Dr. David Brandfass 1145

Ronald McPherson 1143


Compound Masters 50+ Men

Jim Beasley 1342

Wayne L. McCullough Jr. 1315

Howard Moshier 1310


Compound Masters 60+ Men

Glenn Campbell 1325

Jim Krumel 1295

Ted Lemanski 1289


Compound Masters 60+ Women

Lynne Phelps 1251

Linda H. Huff 1203

Mary Wenzel 1161


Compound Masters 70+ Men

William Arledge 1296

Darrel Gehman 1284

Jerry P. Wenzel 1165


Compound Fingers Masters 50+ Men

Dave Hryn 1282


Compound Fingers Masters 60+ Men

Raymond Laramie 1138


Compound Fingers Masters 70+ Men

Jake Veit 1051


Barebow Masters 50+ Women

Elizabeth Coombe 789


Recurve Women

Khatuna Lorig

Miranda Leek

Jennifer Nichols


Recurve Men

Brady Ellison 1360

Richard Johnson 1345

Jake Kaminski 1327


Compound Men

Reo Wilde 1397

Dave Cousins 1395

Garret Aberenthy 1394


Compound Women

Erika Anschutz 1401

Jamie Van Natta 1382

Christie Colin 1372


Recurve Para Standing Men

Ed Patton 790


Recurve Para Standing Women

Kinga Kiss-Johnson 1033


Compound Para Open Men

Tito Galvez 1182



Easton JOAD Nationals


Young archers from across the country are competing at the Easton JOAD Nationals in Hamilton, Ohio. In yesterday's qualification round young archers competed in sweltering heat and posted impressive scores. JOAD national champions are determined by a combination of qualification score, team round participation, and elimination rounds.    


JOAD divisions are separated by equipment, age group and in most cases competition distance. The divisions for JOAD are Junior (17-20 yrs), Cadet (14-17 yrs), Cub (12-14 yrs) and Bowmen (0-12 yrs). The competition distances for recurve archers are as follows: Junior 70m, Cadet 60m, Cub 50m, Bowmen 30m. For the compound division Junior and Cadet archers compete at 50m and Bowmen compete at 25m.



Recurve Junior Men

Sean McLaughlin 1253

Alex Wifler 1249

Benjamin Chu 1234


Recurve Junior Women

Lauren Clamon 1163

Ariel Gibilaro 1143

Shannon Ostling 1106

Recurve Junior Women - Guest

Chia-mao Peng (TPE) 1230

Hsiao-Yuan Lo (TPE) 1136


Recurve Cadet Men

Collin Klimitchek 1295

Zachary Garrett 1277

Eliot Simon 1275


Recurve Cadet Men - Guest

Conner Sorley (CAN) 1231

Adam Serdynski (CAN) 1208

Gabriel Vezina-Boucher (CAN) 1201


Recurve Cadet Women

Bianca Gotuaco 1265

Elizabeth Caughell 1259

Madison Eich 1253


Recurve Cadet Women - Guest

Odelia Wong (CAN) 1182

Nataliya Mushchenko (CAN) 1121

Ana-Louise Polexe (CAN) 945


Recurve Cub Men

Ryan Oliver 1272

Ralph Lawton 1264

Austin Cha 1217


Recurve Cub Men - Guest

Wei-Lun Huang (TPE) 1080


Recurve Cub Women

Eliana Claps 1254

Caity Farr 1235

Anushka Hassan 1176


Recurve Cub Women - Guest

Shu-Ting Liu (TPE) 1283

Yi-Ting Weng (TPE) 1179


Recurve Bowmen Men

Brian Bullis 1348

Tyler King 1325

Jorrin Song 1277


Recurve Bowmen Men - Guest

Yu-Wei LIU (TPE) 1305

Yuan-Bang Lo (TPE) 1288

Wei-Jang Huang (TPE) 1144


Recurve Bowmen Women

Madeleine Ducote 1304

Alexa Claps 1300

Olivia Huffer 1285


Recurve Bowmen Women - Guest

Yi-Chia Lee (TPE) 1387

Yun-Chen Cho (TPE) 1353

Shu-Ting Chang (TPE) 1336


Compound Junior Men

Riley Whiting 1364 (81/10 33/X)

Bridger J. Deaton 1364 (81/10 28/X)

Hunter Barthels 1350


Compound Junior Women

Gabrielle Cyr 1340

Lexi Keller 1318

KayLeigh Rodgers 1311


Compound Cadet Men

Greg Fink 1356

Danny Button 1352

Christopher Bee 1343


Compound Cadet Women

Emily Fischer 1341

Danielle Reynolds 1331

Emily Bee 1327


Compound Cadet Women - Guest

Alana Tollenaar (CAN) 1290


Compound Cub Men

Zachary Pescitelli 1378

Blake Ragon 1377

Kevin Clayton 1365


Compound Cub Women

Jordan Locklin 1349

Molly Clawson 1236

Alison Estrada 1232


Compound Bowmen Men

John Klus 1416

Spencer Yee 1389

Ted Strychalski 1388


Compound Bowmen Women

Julia Ackley 1238

Brooke McDonald 1207

Breanna Rutkowski 1105

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