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March 23, 2015

Indoor Nationals Preliminary Standings Released With All Locations Reporting

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Archery has released preliminary results for the U.S. National Indoor Championships and JOAD National Indoor Championships, with all locations reporting. Archers are asked to note the following: 

1. Collegiate results are not yet fully sorted with the Senior or Junior divisions where applicable. An update in the near future will provide sorted results. 

2. All competitors are urged to review their results and report any errors: 

3. There are 43 competitors from the U.S. National Indoor Championships whose results may contain errors. The archers listed below are strongly encouraged to review this file: click here to review National Indoor Championships potential errors

David Pearson
Kolby Bell
Eric Bennett
Corbin Beu
Caitlyn Buesch
Martha Chavez
Vivian  Chen
Harold Clark
Dave Egbert
Jeff Fabry
Lee Ford
Brenda Garcia
Dalton Greer
Jennifer  Griffin 
Madison Hill
Karl Keranen
Kinga KissJohnson
Joseph Lamb
Gary Mccain 
Sandy Mccain 
Mitchell Miles
Torbjoern andre Moe
Jason O'connell
Katherine Panebianco
Jeremy  Schwebel
Justin Strafuss
Benjamin Thompson
Jeremy Velez
Teresa Wallace
Valerie  Yellam
Jeff Button
Grace Frickenstein
Charles "Skip" Huestis
Joshua Kelly
Vartan Malkasian
James Maze
Nolita Micheau
Larry Skinner
Katherine Stiegel
Vickie Wolfe

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