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May 24, 2015

Collegiate Archery Program Names All-Americans, Coach of the Year and National Team Champions

HARRISONBURG, Virigina - The last of the awards have been presented at the National Outdoor Collegiate Championships, following the Awards Banquet held this evening.

Texas A&M University has claimed the National Team Championship title, followed closely by host school James Madison University, and Penn College in third. Other strong finishes: University of California - Los Angeles in fourth, and University of Connecticut in fifth. More on the Collegiate Archery Program, including the National Team Championship award, can be found here.

The Collegiate Archery Program National Coach of the Year was also named, with Coach Rodney Estrada of Emmanuel College earning this honor. Estrada was previously named one of five Regional Collegiate Coaches of the Year, as voted on by the Collegiate Archery Program clubs in each region. Collegiate Archery Program clubs also voted for the National award. 

All-Region Teams were named from the East, South-Central, South-East and North regions, with results from the West Region pending verification. The All-Region teams are comprised of the top five archers in each region, in each Division and Class, and is calculated by taking the combined score from the National Indoor Championships and other events determined by each region in consultation with USA Archery.

Click the name of the region below to see full team results:

East Region

South-Central Region

South-East Region

North Region

The All-American Team has also been named, recognizing the athletes listed below. The All-American Team is comprised of the Top 10 archers in each Division and Class and is calculated by taking the combined score from the U.S. National Indoor Championships and the qualification round of the U.S. National Outdoor Collegiate Championships. Click here to view complete All-American standings.

USA Archery congratulates the following All-American Team members:  

Recurve Men

Eliot Simon - University of Connecticut

Sungwoo Shin - Atlantic Cape Community College

Curtis Balusek - Georgia Institute of Technology

Gregg Foust - Penn College

Marcel Nietlisbach - Texas A&M University

Jin Woo Kim - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Benjamin Liu - Princeton University

Shalin Mehta - University of California - Los Angeles

Jason Furtner - Humboldt State University

Matt Petty - James Madison University

Recurve Women

Branduin Stroud - University of California - Berkeley

Heather Koehl - Texas A&M University

Cassandra Pelton - Georgia Southern University

Jenny Han - Columbia University

Chelsea Obrebski - Miami University of Ohio

Sabrina Leong - University of California - Berkeley

Alexis Drake - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joy Chang - Columbia University

Katie Alexander - University of Arizona

Sarah Bernstein - Columbia University

Compound Men

Garrett Abernethy - University of South Carolina

Hunter Heavner - James Madison University

Aaron Lopes - University of Connecticut

Raymond Ma - University of California - Berkeley

Bryce Bason - Lock Haven University

Torrey Bonham - Texas A&M University

Austin Voorhies - Purdue University

Justus Liembach - Penn College

Matt Cummings - Penn College

Compound Women

Emily Bee - Michigan State University

Carli Cochran - University of South Carolina

Judy Zhou - Columbia University

Mackenzie Kieborz - Texas A&M University

Sarah Strickland - Michigan State University

Julie Hoffman - Columbia University

Claire Estrada - Emmanuel College

Elizabeth Gunawan - Columbia University

Katherine Stiegel - Texas A&M University

Nicole Lapinski - Penn College

Barebow Men

Kelton Cheng - University of California - San Diego

Daniel Allen - Georgia Southern University

Christopher Woo - University of California - Los Angeles

Roger Ho - University of California - Los Angeles

Daniel Kho - University of California - Los Angeles

David Liu - University of California - Los Angeles

Alex McLeod - Georgia Institute of Technology

Quinten Rodriguez - Sonoma State University

Torbjoem Moe - University of California - Berkeley

Edward Wang - Stanford University

Barebow Women

Megan Larson - University of California - Los Angeles

Rachel Luoma - Georgia Southern University

Rebecca Lee - University of California - Los Angeles

Sandra Childress - University of Arizona

Kaitlin Crabtree - Georgia Southern University

Kimberly Hayes - Georgia Southern University

Amanda Young - Sonoma State University

Sophia Jung - Stanford University

Y-Yun Ho - University of California - Los Angeles

Amanda Saiki - Sonoma State University

Bowhunter Men

Tyler Schoonover - Penn College

Hunter Teel - Texas A&M University

Jerry Knauth - Texas A&M University

Austin Bowerman - Michigan State University

Kody Vaassen - University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse

Tyler Reiley - Texas A&M University

Aaron Stickman - James Madison University

Zane Rigney - James Madison University

Kayne Brenner - University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse

Joel Taylor - Texas A&M University

Bowhunter Women

Kendel Baier - Penn College

Erin Formiller - Michigan State University

Kathryn Novotny - Stanford University

Camille Silverman - James Madison University

Krystal Bui - University of California - Los Angeles

Courtney Deshon - Penn College

Clara Pardue - Texas A&M University

Holly Neely - Penn College

Carla Warren - Texas A&M University

Libby Pruden - James Madison University

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