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April 02, 2013

Club Spotlight on the Paseo Vista Archery Club

USA Archery has developed the "Club Spotlight" feature as a way to help Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) clubs learn from one another, and hopefully share some cool ideas! This month, we head west to feature the Paseo Vista Archery Club. Thanks to the club for answering our questions!

1.    Please tell us where your club is located: The Paseo Vista Archery Club is located in Chandler, AZ which is a suburb of Phoenix, AZ

2.    How did your club get its start, and when? The club started in December of 2009 when the Paseo Vista Recreation Area Archery Rage opened. The goal of the club was to help the City of Chandler develop an Archery program in the city and to develop a high performance Archery program.

3.    What is your club's name, and what's the significance of the name? Was it something the archers chose, or did the club leader choose it? The name of the club is Paseo Vista Archery Club. The name comes from the City of Chandler park where the archery range is located at, The Paseo Vista Recreation Area.

4.    Please tell us how large your club is - number of archers, number of coaches: At this time the club has around 120 members. Our Advanced JOAD Team consists of 30 Archers. We have 1 level 4-NTS Coach, 3 level 3-NTS coaches, 5 level 2 Instructors and 5 level 1 instructors.

5.    What are the age ranges for the archers in your club? We are a JOAD and an Adult Archery Achievement club. Ages are from 8 to around 70 years old.

6.    Do you have a large concentration in one age group? In the JOAD program we have a large amount of Cub archers, followed by Cadets.

7.    What's your format for lessons/practices? We work with the City of Chandler Parks & Recreation to hold Beginning and Intermediate Archery Classes. These are 6 weeks and they meet on Saturday. They are not a part of the JOAD program. Archers who go through these classes can then join the Paseo JOAD program. The JOAD archers meet on Saturday morning and on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

8.    Does your club shoot for score (or achievement pins, or both)? If so, how often? Yes. We shoot for achievement pins about twice a month.

9.    Do you have adult members (or an Adult Archery Achievement designation)? Yes. We encourage JOAD parents and adults to shoot.

10.If you do have adult members, how many are there? A large percentage of JOAD parents also shoot, plus we have adult members. We have around 30 who shoot on a regular basis.

11.Has your club experienced growth, lost archers, or stayed at basically the same size in recent years? We have doubled our membership in 2012.

12.Does your club practice indoors, outdoors or both? Since the range is outdoors we focus on outdoor distances. When indoor season comes around we practice at indoor distances. 

13.Do archers focus on target archery only, or do they also try field, 3D, clout or other rounds? Our main focus is target. We do encourage and participate in the State FITA Field tournaments.

14.Please tell us about equipment. Are your archers shooting recurve, compound or traditional equipment? Is there a large concentration of one bow type versus another?  The club is mainly made up of Olympic recurve archers - about 85% recurve.

15.Are your archers participating in tournaments? If so, what kinds of tournaments do they enjoy (local, state, national - target, field, 3D)? All archers adult and JOAD participate in local and national tournaments. Mostly target and a little field. 

16.Are there any milestones you would like to share?   There are four members of our JOAD Team who made the 2013 USAT team in their age group. Out of those four, three of those archers are on the Junior Dream Team "Red" team.

17.Does your club do anything socially outside of archery? We hold an annual "Range Day" where we get together and repair equipment, clean the range, etc. The club provides lunch for everyone. We also have  potlucks at the range for the members.

1Does your club separate teams or classes by level of experience? If so, has it produced good results? We have two JOAD programs. One is for those archers who are not interested in competitive sports. They simply love to come out and shoot with their friends. The other is our Team JOAD Program which is our competitive team.

Many thanks to the Paseo Vista JOAD Club for sharing their great ideas! 



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