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September 10, 2014

Archers May Claim Arrows Lost at Outdoor Nationals

HAMILTON, Ohio - The following arrows have been found at Joyce Park following the U.S. National Target Championships, U.S. Open and Easton JOAD Nationals. Jim and Liz Coombe of Cincinnati Junior Olympians have catalogued the arrows; please contact them directly at [email protected] to claim arrows and make arrangements for shipping. USA Archery wishes to thank the Coombe family for their time spent retrieving and preparing the following detailed list of arrows: 

1) A bare shaft-PLATINUM Aluminum, black small easton nock- with "Adam" or something like that in silver sharpie


2) TWO 1416 Platinums, 2 orange, one white rubber vanes orange beiter nock-intial on vanes JS 6


3) 850 ACE, pink WAV vanes red beiter nock-yellow initials not legible


4) Victory 600, three pink Max Vanes, White nock


5) Long Victory 500 2 red, one blue rubber vane #3 and ESTC initials


6) Easton 1150 Carbon one, black spin wings, re nock C KIM written on arrow


7) EASTON Carbon ON 600, three pink WAVs and blue nock


8) JAZZ arrow-size not legible-Red, white , blue Vane tec vanes with glue on green/yellow nock


9) Carbon Advantage Pro shaft, 2 orange/one white Vane Tec vanes, orange pin nock Initials ASB appear in silver sharpie ink


10) X10-Size unknown (worn off) three pink spin wings, Green Pin Nock CB in white ink


11) Victory FORCE V3 600 there pink spin wings green pin nock--this arrow was shot without a point since it is filled with mud


12) ACG 660 there black spin wings, blue pin nock initials-black ink appear to be CWA


13) Broken (it was hit in the rear) X10 500, blue spin wings, white (shattered) overnock


14) NANO-PRO 450, 2 pink/one orange AAE max vanes-missing its nock-silver initials appear to be FI6


15) ACE-size not readable, three black spin wings, white Easton Small Groove nock-white initials-appear to be T b or 7 b


16) ACG 660, two white, one blue rubber vanes, orange pin nock Initials KH in black


17) THREE ACG 810/C3 yellow spin wings, green Easton Small G nocks yellow initials-maybe JC # 2 #5 #6


18) ACC 2-00 Two Green, one white rubber vane, small Green EASON G nock initials MG in gold and perhaps black


19) ACC-3l-04 Three Yellow spin wings, small groove Orange Easton G nock Initials in silver ARE A


20) ACE 850 three blue spin wings, blue pin nock-initials in the three initial boxes in gold ink-cannot read SILVER TAPE on the spin wings


21) ACG 1500, THREE PINK rubber vanes, small green Easton G nock initials HY in silver ink


22) unknown aluminum Carbon (probably ACE or ACC) , three black spin wings, red Small groove Easton G nock Initials-Silver ink SC


23) Victory VI 700, three small yellow rubber vanes, green pin nock initials apparently MG in silver ink


24) 1214 JAZZ with 3 chewed up yellow spin wings, and a red easton small groove nock black ink initials-appears to be CIM


25) ACC 2-04, There black Easton rubber vanes, small groove Easton G nock in black


26) ACE 620 three chewed up blue spin wings, white small groove Easton G nock INITIALS BC in silver ink


27) X10 830, three white spin wings, Green Beiter OVERNOCK Initials in silver ink-apparently CS-4


28) X10 550, three orange wavs with a yellow pin nock-silver ink initials TC or 7C


29) Easton Light Speed 3D 500 2 green one black Blazer vanes, green Nock, black ink Initials MRH and 3


30) ACE 620 three dark blue spin wings, ruby pin nock, black tape initials in silver ink JM


31) X10 650, three yellow spin wings, ruby beiter OVERNOCK initials W. C. H. No. 4 in silver ink


32) ACE 780, three AAE Max YELLOW rubber vanes, ruby pin nock


33) X10 550, Three pink Spin wings, White OVERNOCK with a black line drawn on the nock, Initials DP


34) Carbon IMPACT-SUPER CLUB 20/30 2 blue one green factory fletch, green nock FMS written on vane-gold ink initials FMS on Shaftt


35) MEDALLION XR 1300 two black, one white spin wings, light blue beiter Pin Nock, copper colored ink N.D.


36) Advantage Carbon, 600 Two orange, one white VANE TEC rubber vans , ruby pin nock silver initials not legible


37) Carbon one, 660, three pink spin wings, ruby pin nock--initials in silver or white ink JF


38) TWO (yes two) X10 650) purple ELI style Vanes, White Beiter Pin Nocks BP 6 and BP 7 in gold ink


39) ACE 850, Purple ELI style vanes, green pin nock non-readable initials in white ink (worn away)


40) EASTON AC (cannot tell what kind-the labels have all worn away) with three green eli style vanes Yellow BEITER PIN NOCK faint initials in gold ink AF


41) ACC 1500, two green one white rubber vanes, small groove easton Green G nock gold ink initials NG (appears to be)


42) ACC 3L-04 orange Flex fletch (appears) vane one vane is slightly brighter , Orange large groove Easton G nock


43) ACE 780 three dark blue spin wings, green pin nock A7 or 7 in silver ink


44) X110 1000, two white, one blue spin wing, dark blue pin nock K. Y in Silver ink


45) ACC 3-04. very small rubber vanes, 2 pink ones green, nock is gone but it appears to have been an easton orange G nock silver initials MDR2


46) MEDALLIO XR 1100, two green, one white rubber vane, dark green pin nock


47) ACC 3X-04 Three white spin wings, orange Easton small groove nock T.B. 7 in silver or white ink


48) NANO PRO Xtreme 400, tree blue ELI Style vans, with a blue an white speckled wrap, Green pin nock


49) ACG 880, three white spin wings, ruby easton small groove G nock ANDREW 05 written in white nk


50) ACE 780 there black spin wings, green pin nock


51) ACC 3-04 Orange Bohning wrap, the orange MAX (AAE) vanes, large groove Easton orange nock


52) AXX 3X-04,three orange WAV VANES small groove easton G nock GREEN 7 in black ink on the vane


53) ACC-appearst to be 3L-04 (750 spine) Three green WAV vanes, small groove green Easton G nock JK in black or green ink


54) ACE 620 three black gas pro vanes, black small groove easton g nock EK 1 or EKI in white ink


55) Carbon one 1150 ONe red, one white one missing AAE MAX vane with 17 written in black ink on white WAV-no nock Copper ink CLR


56) X10 650 , three beat up yellow spin wings, yellow Beiter insert nock initials in silver appear to be SGA 9


57) TWO (yes 2) 3L-04 Three stiff black spin wings, easton green small groove nock-lllegible silver initials-maybe JS


58) ACE 1100 Two yellow, one orange Easton Rubber vanes, orange pin knock SK written on vane


59) Ana Rendon of Colombia's X10 550 with green eli vanes-overwrap with her name on Green pin nock 6


60) SECOND ACC 2-00 with two green rubber vanes, one white vane, small groove Easton Green G nock MG initials in gold ink


61) Easton CARBON ION 500 Pink/black blazes with a pink nock and black initials CH


62) ALuminum PLATINUM (Size un known) has destroyed black and white feathers and a black easton G small groove nock ADAM *appears to be from the same group as the bare shaft above

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