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October 26, 2015

USA Archery Recognizes Olympian Award Winners Q3

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - The Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) and Adult Archery Programs each have an achievement program designed to motivate and challenge archers to develop their archery skills through different scoring levels at their own pace. JOAD and Adult Archers can earn advanced levels of recognition with Olympian awards and Bronze, Silver and Gold pins that signify continued hard work and dedication to the sport of archery.

Lystra Pitts of Wasting Arrows, along with several other archers from his club, saw incredible achievements this quarter: "We get excited whenever anyone earns a pin, from Green to Gold," Lystra shared. "Each pin represents growth and learning in the sport. Obviously we want to make a big deal of the Olympic pins they represent a higher level of dedication and determination."

Lystra earned the Silver pin for the Adult Archery Program: "I have been trying to earn my Silver pin for some time and have come heartbreakingly close on several occasions, I missed it by one point three times! When you get to the [Bronze, Silver and Gold] levels you really have to strive to shoot your absolute best shot every shot. I think that shooting for pins is a great learning tool for JOADs and competitive archers of all levels. It teaches us to shoot our best when the pressure is on."

USA Archery wants to celebrate the achievements of all of our archers: share your awards with USA Archery and other archers on social media!

1. Take a photo with your award - include your bow, a target, or anything else to let your friends and family know that you're an archer! Share it to your social media channels using #JOADOlympian or #AdultArcheryAchievement

2. Email your photo to USA Archery so we can share it, too! Please include your name, the award you have won, and the name of your Club. Send your photos to [email protected] so we can share!

Congratulations from USA Archery to the following JOAD Olympian award recipients who have earned their awards between July 14, 2015 and October 13, 2015:

C: Compound        R: Recurve         B: Barebow      BC: Basic Compound

Bronze Olympians        Silver Olympians            Gold Olympians

Jacob Frye - C

Isaac Han - R

Bryan Mazur - C

Isaac Han - R

Isabella Bastiani - C

Ethan Merrill - C

Andrew Rocco - C

Emily Aratoon - C

Cole Feterl - C

Cole Feterl - C

Alex Gilliam - R

Cooper French - C

Kaylee Moss - R

Savannah Vanderwier - C

Sophia Strachan - C

Savannah Vanderweir -C

Hala Skelton - C

Thompson Wagner - C

Tyler Weinman - C

Ashlyn Merritt - C

Tyler Levanduski - R

Cole Feterl - C

Alexis Ruiz - C

Ramsey Bass - C

Austin Marshall - C

Claudia Wilcox - C

Logan Weller - C

Evan Flores - C

Jacob Vaughters - C

John Salazar - C

Jenna Yost - C

Logan Sampsel - C

Tony La Luna - C

Everett Nishimura - R

Ashlyn Guppenberger - BC

Ryan Kittts - C

Logan Sampsel - C

Abigail Veidmark - C

Zimmy Oseland - C

Rachel Bork - C

Matthew Serpe - C

USA Archery would also like to recognize the Adult Archery Program pin award recipients. Please see the list below of Bronze, Silver and Gold pin recipients between July 14, 2015 and October 13, 2015:

C: Compound        R: Recurve         B: Barebow      BC: Basic Compound

         Bronze                            Silver                               Gold

Doug Newell - B

Lystra Pitts - C

Bruce Wargat - C

David Hewitt - C

Amy Clawson - B

Dave Morgan - C

Toby Hoaglund - C

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