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April 20, 2015

USA Archery Congratulates JOAD Olympians and Adult Pin Recipients

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - How hard is it to earn a JOAD Gold Olympian Award?

Just ask Ohio native Ian Coombe, who participates in Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) with the Cincinnati Junior Olympians Club. He had to shoot a near-perfect score of 290 or better in order to earn the prestigious JOAD Gold Olympian award - and he nailed it.

"It took me about 5 or 6 years of training to get to that point," Coombe explained. "In our club, I am fortunate enough to have Olympic champion Darrell Pace as my coach. He was working with me on getting my alignment in check and improving my mental game. At that time, I was working on both of those, with my alignment being the most important." 

Olympian Awards, earned by youth archers who belong to a JOAD Club, and Bronze, Silver and Gold Pins - earned by members of Adult Archery Program Clubs - signify continued hard work and dedication to the sport of archery.

With these awards, USA Archery recognizes those individuals who have achieved the very highest scores in the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) and the Adult Archery Program.

In addition to a certificate and pin, Bronze JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a lightweight jacket, Silver JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a sports duffel bag, and Gold JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a personalized plaque. Adult awards are recognized with Bronze, Silver, and Gold pins.

Archers wishing to shoot for these awards must be current youth, adult, or family members of USA Archery and part of a registered USA Archery JOAD or Adult club.

The awards are part of the USA Archery Achievement Program, which provides achievement award pins for progressive scoring achievements, and encourages youth and adult archers to set and achieve goals in the sport of archery. Pins can be earned indoors or outdoors for barebow, basic compound, recurve and compound archery.

Archers: help us celebrate your achievement!

Take a photo with your award - include your bow, a target, or anything else to let your friends and family know that you're an archer! Share it to your social media channels using #JOADOlympian - and email your photo to USA Archery so we can share it, too! Please include your name, the award you have won, and the name of your JOAD Club, and send your photos to [email protected].

Questions? Please contact USA Archery Membership Coordinator Lorin Opfer at: [email protected] or 719-866-4621 for more information.

USA Archery congratulates the following 65 JOAD Olympian award recipients who earned their awards between January 26, 2015 - March 23, 2015:

Bronze Olympian   Silver Olympian   Gold Olympian

Logan Weller

Ian Coombe

Ian Coombe

Claudia Wilcox

Colton Cromwell

Andrew Franck

Ian Coombe

Spencer Johnson

Anthony Ferraro

Spencer Johnson

Micah Flores

Jesse Clayton

Drew Canos

Matt Bitner-Parish

Garet Fyke

Tanner Johnson

Sophia Strachan

Kellie Heusi

Justin Dearman

Jacob Nanney

Corey Wright

Jordan Dearman

Blakelee Butler

Bryan Mazur

Miles Gould

Garet Fyke

Sam Lopez

Matt Bitner-Parish

Jared Coker

Kyle Lauko

Jacob Nanney

Trey McDonald


John Jordan Jeffries

Kent Nitta


Christopher Leslie

Christopher Renaud


Nathan White

Karie Alexander


Gabrielle Keiser

Kaje Franchow


Hailey Johnson

Alex Gilliam


Justin Guy

Hannah Bartos


Chelsea Woodby

Hailey Johnson


Jared Coker

Justin Guy


Trey McDonald

Douglas Gordon


Ethan Harper

Cooper French


Sydney Grant

Elliot Bekker


Emily Aratoon

Savannah Vanderwier


Christopher Renaud

Sam Lopez


Lily Schwitzer

Emily Duckworth


Kayla Eves

Ashlyn Merritt


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