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December 02, 2015

USA Archery Board of Directors Semi-Annual Update

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - The USA Archery Board of Directors met in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 20th and 21st in one of their two in-person annual meetings. During the meeting, the Directors received updates from USA Archery staff and provided input.

The organization continues to see growth in almost every category with individual membership nearing 20,000. In additional to general program updates and financial review, the Board approved the 2016 budget and performed the annual review of the CEO. The Board also approved a new Board Member Policy, which encourages governance best practices, and updated the USA Archery Bylaws to recognize this policy.

USA Archery Board Members were briefed on plans for the Olympic Games in Rio and progress toward securing Olympic slots. A modification of the Olympic Trials Selection Procedures received Board approval to extend the time during the team round simulation from 20 seconds to 25 seconds per arrow and is now pending final approval by the U.S. Olympic Committee. Selection Procedures for the World Field Championships were also approved.

There was much discussion regarding the progress of the Collegiate Archery Program. The selection procedures for the 2016 World University Championships were approved and the Dress Code and Personal Coach Policy were revised to better address the specific "team" culture of the Collegiate Program. The policy seeks to ensure that teams wear their school uniform and coaches are official, approved representatives for their school at collegiate-only events.

State Associations and State Championships were discussed extensively during the meeting. Increasing the number of state championship events as well as attendance at those events is a priority for the organization. The Board also agreed to put together a task force to review the Master's Division and see how we can further grow and develop this area within USA Archery.

Due to success of many USA Archery Programs, such as Explore Archery, the USA Archery Camp program will be discontinued, as more clubs nationwide are able to facilitate beginner to intermediate camps locally. Those looking for advanced training opportunities outside of their club are encouraged to consider Junior Dream Team camps.

In addition, many new committee assignments were made and confirmed by the Board. The next meeting is likely to be held in February or March and will include the four newly appointed members.

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