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November 07, 2011

U.S. Archers Win World Archery High-Value Awards

Colorado Springs, CO - Several compound and recurve archers have received World Archery high-value awards based on their competitive performances this year: 


FITA Gold Target:


Joanna Chesse, F, 50m, 683

Darrin Christenberry, M, 50m, 692

Adam Gallant, M, 50m, 690

Aaron Groce, MJ, 50m, 679

Kailey Johnston, F, 50m, 685

Kendal Nicely, WJ, 50m, 682


FITA Silver Gold Target (Cadet and Masters):


Danny Button, CCM, 694

Bridger Deaton, CCM, 699

Riley Whiting, CCM, 684


FITA Purple Target:


Zachary Plannick, M, 50m, 700

Logan Wilde, M, 50m, 707


FITA Stars 1350 Recurve:


Brady Ellison, M, 1366

Khatuna Lorig, F, 1353


USA Archery extends its congratulations to all of these archers on their outstanding competitive performances. 


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