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June 20, 2012

Team USA Shooting in Three of Four Individual Finals

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Jennifer NICHOLS, Reo WILDE, Jamie VAN NATTA and Christie COLIN from the USA will all shoot in the Ogden individuals finals this weekend. And they have all qualified for the Tokyo World Cup Final!

Today's competitions delivered 26 out of the 28 athletes who qualified to the World Cup Final in Tokyo! All the details are below and in our World Cup rankings.


All the categories continued the eliminations with the 1/16 round this afternoon (with the top 8 athletes from qualifications joining in).


The recurve athletes played in the set system (best of five sets, two points per set). The compound ones played 15-arrow matches with cumulative score.


Recurve Men - 1/16

For his debut in the elimination rounds, the No. 1 seed Khairul Anuar MOHAMAD (MAS) was upset by Yagiz YILMAZ (TUR) 7-3 (26-29, 28-28, 28-28, 29-29, 26-28)!


The No. 1 in the world Brady ELLISON (USA) suffered from the same blow. Although he led Taylor WORTH (AUS) 4-0, the Australian took the last three sets to prevail in the match! Victory for WORTH 6-4 (28-29, 26-29, 30-29, 29-28, 29-26)!


Gael PREVOST (FRA) kept his chance alive to return to a World Cup Final by defeating Hideki KIKUCHI (JPN) 7-3 (28-27, 30-27, 27-28, 29-29, 29-26)


Gomborodj GAN ERDENE (MLG) beat the 2004 Olympic champion Marco GALIAZZO. The Italian had a 4-2 lead in set points, but GAN ERDENE tied it in the fourth set. He won it 10-10-10 to 10-9-9. Then both archers scored 10-9-8 in the fifth set and they had to go through a shoot-off, in which they both scored only an 8! GAN ERDENE was the closest to the center!


Recurve Men - 1/8

PREVOST continued his way while stopping the one of the last round's surprises, YILMAZ. PREVOST trailed 2-4 but finally defeated YILMAZ, 6-4 (26-29, 29-26, 27-28, 28-27, 27-25).


French teammate Romain GIROUILLE (FRA) did not have such success against Alexander KOZHIN (RUS), 2-6 (27-28, 28-27, 27-29, 24-29).


Taylor WORTH beat another American, Jacob WUKIE. The latter did have two perfect sets, but WORTH finished with a 30 of his own to clinch the match: 6-4 (29-27, 28-30, 29-28, 28-30, 30-28).


The very experienced Michelle FRANGILLI (ITA) had a good match versus the experienced Juan Rene SERRANO (MEX)! FRANGILLI led 5-1, but Mexico's SERRANO took the fourth set (10-10-9 to 9-9-10) to come back at 3-5. In the last set, FRANGILLI had 9-10-9. SERRANO gave himself a chance starting with two 10s. However, his last arrow was an 8. The set was tied and both archers won 1 set point so that FRANGILLI prevailed in the match, 6-4.


Recurve Men - Quarterfinals

PREVOST defeated KOZHIN with a score of 7-3 (27-28, 28-28, 29-26, 29-23, 30-29).


WORTH was stopped by Luis ALVAREZ (MEX/12) 3-7 (28-27, 29-30, 27-27, 26-27, 25-28).


Rai TARUNDEEP (IND) defeated FRANGILLI in a shoot-off. They both scored 9 but he was closest to the center. A few millimeters may give him a chance to participate at the Tokyo World Cup Final. He will meet Larry GODFREY (GBR/6) in the semifinal.


Recurve Men - Semifinals

ALVAREZ took an early 5-1 lead over PREVOST, who fought until the end. He won the fourth (10-9-10 to 9-10-9) and fifth (10-9-10 to 9-10-9) to tie the match! In the shoot-off both athletes had a 9, but ALVAREZ was the closest to center!


GODFREY and TARUNDEEP went also to the limit. The British team member started with two perfect sets of 30 to take a 4-0 lead. However TARUNDEEP came back with 9-10-9 and 10-10-9 to win the next two sets and tie the match at 4-4. In the fifth set, GODFREY shot 9-9-10 and TARUNDEEP 10-9-9. Shoot-off! TARUNDEEP scored an 8, which was not quite enough at this level as GODFREY shot a 10.


The Ogden recurve finals will be played on Sunday and they will be decisive in determining the last two recurve men going to Tokyo!


Recurve Women - 1/16

Karina WINTER (GER) kept her World Cup Final chance alive taking out one her direct competitor Khatuna LORIG (USA). The American led 4-2, but WINTER won the last two sets (10-9-9 to 9-9-8 and 8-9-8 to 9-7-7) to enjoy a come-back victory 6-4.


Evangelia PSARRA (GRE) won her third shoot-of the day to eliminate Bishindee URANTUNGALAG (MGL) 6-5 (29-24, 26-25, 28-28, 24-27, 28-25; T9-T7)


For her debut in the elimination, reigning world champion Denisse VAN LAMOEN (CHI/3) was defeated by Marie Pier BEAUDET (CAN/30) 2-6 (26-28, 26-26, 26-26, 26-29)


Recurve Women - 1/8

Jennifer NICHOLS (USA/9) stopped the progression of WINTER, putting an end to her opponent's ambitions for a World Cup Final. The American prevailed 6-0 (30-27, 29-27, 27-26).


On her side, the surprising PSARRA kept going! She upset Mariana AVITIA (MEX/2) 6-4 (25-29, 28-27, 23-22, 26-28, 26-23).


Recurve Women - Quarterfinals

Two shoot-offs took place in the quarterfinals. NICHOLS defeated Anna SZUKALSKA (POL) 6-5 (25-24, 27-26, 25-27, 30-30, 28-30). Then both athletes scored 9 but NICHOLS was closest to the center.


Kristina TIMOFEEVA (RUS) won over Marie Pier BEAUDET (CAN) 6-5 (25-27, 28-28, 28-26, 27-25, 26-27; T9-T8)


PSARRA's run was stopped by Magali FOULON (ESP), who won 6-4 (28-27, 26-29, 25-24, 27-27, 27-27).


Finally, in another duel with two athletes from the same country (of which there were many today), Alejandra VALENCIA (MEX/4) prevailed over Aida ROMAN (MEX/5) 7-3 (27-29, 28-26, 27-27, 28-26, 28-26).


Recurve Women - Semifinals

NICHOLS will participate in a home-court final for the gold medal! She defeated VALENCIA 7-1 (27-25, 28-28, 27-26, 29-27).


TIMOFEEVA also reached the final by defeating FOULON 6-0 (29-28, 25-22, 27-25).


Both NICHOLS and TIMOFEEVA have booked their place at the Tokyo World Cup Final! Please see all the finalists in our ranking.


Compound Men - 1/16

Dave COUSINS (USA) - Reza ZAMANINEJAD (IRI) were THE interesting match-up of the 1/16 eliminations. At home, COUSINS had to work hard but he did not miss his chance. He went outside the yellow only once: 10-10-10, 9-10-10, 10-9-9, 8-10-10, 9-10-10 and led his match all the way 30-27, 59-53, 87-84, 115-112, 144-140. COUSINS was then awaiting a match-up that would prove truly decisive for a spot at the World Cup Final against Braden GELLENTHIEN who won 147-144 against Nelson TORRES (VEN).


World champion Christopher PERKINS (CAN) had to go through a shoot-off to defeat Patrick COGHLAN (AUS) 147-147; T10-T9. Peter ELZINGA (NED) also had to win a shoot-off against Dmitry KOZHIN (RUS) 143-143; T10*-T10. ELZINGA was the closest to center! Double World Cup Final winner Sergio PAGNI (ITA) lost his chances to go to another final. He lost his shoot-off against Gabriel BADENHORST (RSA) 146-146; T8-T9.


Finally, Reo WILDE (USA) tied his world record: a perfect 150 points with 10 "X" against Rigoberto HERNANDEZ (ESA).


Compound Men - 1/8

What a match between COUSINS and GELLETHIEN! Dave started with a perfect 60, taking a 1-point lead over Braden. However COUSINS then dropped two points in the third end so that GELLENTHIEN could tie at 88-88. GELLENTHIEN finished with a perfect 60 and COUSINS dropped a 9 at his very last arrow, letting his last chances of a World Cup Final participation go! GELLENTHIEN won 148-147 and sealed his place at the World Cup Fina. 


World champion Christopher PERKINS (CAN/1) had to survive another shoot-off. He trailed most of his match against Michael CAUWE (BEL/17) 29-30, 59-60, 88-89, 118-118, 148-148. Then both athletes shot an X10 in the shoot-off but PERKINS was closest to the center!


In the French showdown, Pierre Julien DELOCHE had the upper hand on Dominique GENET (the latter won the same match in Shanghai earlier this year). The game was a roller coaster ride. DELOCHE led 30-29. Then they tied at 59-59. Then GENET led 89-88. Then they tied at 117-117 and 145-145. In the shoot-off, GENET scored 10, but DELOCHE had an X10!


Compound Men - Quarterfinals

WILDE scored another perfect 150 (and again 10 "X") to defeat the 2011 World Cup Final winner Rodger WILLETT JR (USA), in what some might call revenge for the Istanbul final.


PERKINS continued on his way as well. His match against Martin DAMSBO (DEN) was impressive. The Canadian competitor had 10-10-9, X10-10-9, 10-X10-X10, X10-9-10, 10-10-10. DAMSBO had 10-9-9, X10-X10-9, X10-X10-10, X10-X10-9 and 10-X10-9. Final score: 147-145 for PERKINS.


ELZINGA - GELLENTHIEN also proved to be an interesting match. GELLENTHIEN was perfect until 12 arrows, but the ELZINGA won it in the last end 30-30, 60-60, 89-90, 119-120, 149-148!


Compound Men - Semifinals

The No. 1 ranked archer in the world Reo WILDE (USA) shot against current world champion Christopher PERKINS (CAN). WILDE had been shooting at an exemplary level all day, tying his world record twice. In the opening end WILDE shot a 29 to PERKINS 28 for a 1 point advantage. Both archers shot 30s in the 2nd end bring the score to 59-58 in favor of WILDE. WILDE shot another 30 in the next end PERKINS was unable to keep pace shooting a 29. In the 4th end the archers shot a pair of 30s bringing the score to 119-117. WILDE continued his 30 streak in the final end closing out the match 149-146.


In the match between Peter ELZINGA (NED) and Pierre Julien DELOCHE (FRA), they both led off with a score of 29 points. In the next two ends they continued to match each other arrow for arrow, shooting two 30s each, bringing the score to 89 all. In the 4th end DELOCHE opened the door for ELZINGA shooting a 28 to ELZINGA's 29. DELOCHE shot a 29 in the final end ELZINGA needed to shoot a 29 or better to clinch the match. ELZINGA was unable to do so shooting a 28 which tied up the score at 146 all. In the shoot off both archers shot an X10 but it was ELZINGA's arrow that was closer to the center.


Compound Women - 1/16

Diane WATSON (USA) defeated Viktoria BALZHANOVA (RUS) by one point only, 143-142. Same score for world champion Albina LOGINOVA (RUS) against Stephanie SALINAS (MEX). All the favorites went through.


Compound Women - 1/8

In the four U.S. women's race for a World Cup Final berth, WATSON was the first to be eliminated. She lost against Linda OCHOA (MEX/2) 140-142.


World champion Albina LOGINOVA (RUS/3) defeated the Paralympic champion Danielle BROWN (GBR/14) 29-29, 58-56, 87-85, 115-112, 143-142.


Compound Women - Quarterfinals

Another revenge from the 2011 Istanbul Final: Erika ANSCHUTZ (USA/1) vs Christie COLIN (USA/8). ANSCHUTZ won last year but COLIN put an end to Erika's hope of a repeat! The match was tight: 28-29, 58-58 and 87-87. Then COLIN made the difference with 10-10-10 and X10-10-8. ANSCHUTZ finished with 10-9-9 and 10-9-8. COLIN won 145-142!


LOGINOVA and Jamie VAN NATTA (USA/6) were tied at 58-58. Then the American made the difference in the third end (X10-10-10 to 9-9-9) to take the lead 88-85. She did not let anything go afterwards 117-113, 145-142. VAN NATTA joined her opponent and COLIN in Tokyo!


Compound Women - Semifinals

Christie COLIN (USA) faced off against Kristina BERGER (GER). In the first end both archers shot 10, 10, 9 for a 29. In the second end COLIN shot another 29 and BERGER shot a 28 to give COLIN a one point lead 58-57. BERGER was able to make a comeback shooting a 29 to COLIN's 28 which tied the score at 86 points. COLIN continued to shoot well in the fourth end shooting a 28. BERGER made a critical error shooting 10, 10, 5 to give COLIN a 4 point lead going into the last end. BERGER shot a perfect 30 in the last end but it wasn't enough to overtake the 4 point deficit. COLIN won the match 143-141 and will shoot in the gold medal match on Saturday.


No. 5 ranked archer in the world Laura LONGO (ITA) faced Jamie VAN NATTA (USA) the No. 4 ranked archer in the world. The two began the match with a pair of perfect 30s. LONGO remained perfect through the 2nd end while VAN NATTA had a minor slip shooting a 28 to bring the score to 60-58. VAN NATTA shot another 28 in the 3rd end while LONGO continued her perfect streak to give herself a 4 point lead 90-86. The fourth end was the decisive end of the match VAN NATTA caught her stride shooting 10, 10, 10. LONGO however stumbled shooting X10, X10 and a "miss," giving VAN NATTA a 5 point lead going into the final end. Both archers shot a 29 in the last end but VAN NATTA was victorious, winning 144-139. VAN NATTA will shoot against her teammate COLIN on Saturday for the gold medal.


The competition continues on Thursday with all team eliminations and the team Final Olympic Qualification Tournament. Click here for links to complete results, event schedules and more.

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