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June 13, 2012

Junior Dream Team Announces Selection Camp Criteria and Application Process

Chula Vista, CA - USA Archery has announced updated selection criteria and procedures for Junior Dream Team (JDT). The JDT, a program developed to bridge the gap between Junior Olympic Archery Development and the Resident Athlete Program, seeks to fast-track athletes who show early potential. Selection is limited to athletes between the ages of 12 and 18. Successful JDT program graduates include 2012 Olympic Hopeful Miranda Leek, several World Archery Youth Championships Team Members, and USA Archery Resident Athletes.

The Junior Dream Team consists of 24 of the most promising Olympic style archers in the country. The team travels to the Olympic Training Center multiple times per year for intensive week long training camps. Between training camps, Junior Dream Team coaches and archers continue to work together through the use of video and video conferencing via the internet.

Athletes are selected to the Junior Dream Team based on a number of criteria, including their participation and performance in the annual Team Selection Camp. To learn more about the selection camp, criteria for participation, and how to apply, please click here. At the end of each calendar year, a varying number of open positions become available for new qualified archers to fill.

USA Archery has announced that a Junior Dream Team Selection Camp will be held each year after the outdoor competition season (typically in November or December) to select primary and alternate archers to become members of the JDT.  Alternates are used when additional openings become available beyond the initial selection process throughout the next calendar year.  Information added today to the USA Archery website describes the process that is used to select potential members and should be used to aid archers, parents, and coaches as they consider applying for JDT membership. 

There are minimum criteria that must be met in order to apply to attend the selection camp.  The selection camp procedures describe the process that is used to select archers for immediate membership to the JDT or as alternates.  

Minimum Criteria

Any archer applying to the JDT selection camp must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a minimum of 12 years of age at the time of the selection camp and a current member of USA Archery.
  2. Be willing to use the National Training System (NTS) shooting technique.
  3. Fill out the JDT New Membership Application form.
  4. Read the JDT Determination and Commitment Memo and sign (archer and his or her parent or legal guardian).  
  5. Have shot a minimum qualifying score (MQS) during the calendar year.  These scores must be obtained at a registered Star FITA event.  Proof of obtaining the score must accompany the application for membership.  This proof can be in the form of a link to a website of published scores, a copy of the published results, or a copy of a signed score card.

To view MQS and complete minimum criteria, please click here.

To view and complete the JDT Selection Camp application, please click here. Note: please review ALL selection criteria before completing and submitting application.

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