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July 11, 2011

JOAD Grand National Champions Crowned

Following a three day Easton JOAD Nationals tournament that included a two-day ranking round, team rounds and intense elimination round match play, one archer in each category has emerged as the JOAD Grand National Champion. 


Archers were awarded points based on qualification round placement; one point for participation in the team round; and points for final finish in the elimination rounds, creating a total that determined their ranking for the championship title. 


In the compound bowman women's category, it's Jordan Locklin who emerges as the Grand National Champion, thanks to a strong first place finish in Sunday's elimination rounds. Cinder Sexton ranks second, while Lindsey Weatherspoon takes third in the overall rankings. For the recurve women, Mikayla Venoms is the top finisher and Champion, thanks to first place finishes in both events. Anushka Hassan follows with a second place ranking, and Alexa Claps ends in third.

For the recurve bowman men, Ryan Oliver leads the group, earning the Championship title with a top finish in the eliminations. He is followed by Austin Cha and Jorrin Song. For the compound bowman men, John Klus Jr., taking first in both qualification and eliminations, is the new JOAD Grand National Champion; Tristan Frerich and Spencer Yee take second and third positions in the rankings.

Allie Blazek is the 2011 Champion for the compound cub women, while Prilentka Pengal and Ashley Wilson take the number two and three spots. For the recurve cub women, Kimie Roop becomes Champion, followed by Faith Northcutt and Julie Kong.

On the young men's side, recurve archer Jack Thomas shot his way to a first place elimination round finish - and the Championship title. Just behind him are Jake Ohlendorf and Hunter Conley. Michael DeCosta becomes the Grand National Champion for the compound cub men, topping the qualification and elimination rounds, while Todd Edgar and Kaden Pearce take the second and third place rankings.

Recurve cadets comprised the largest group at this tournament, and competition was intense in the cadet categories. For the recurve cadet women, Mackenzie Brown, winner of the elimination round, becomes Grand National Champion, with Michelle Gilbert and Lauren Clamon ranked just behind. Matthew Zumbo also claims the Championship title, finishing first in both qualification and elimination events, while Christopher Luman and Alex Wifler rank second and third.

For the compound cadet men, Bridger Deaton is Grand National Champion, with Riley Whiting and Danny Button coming in close behind in the second and third positions. On the compound cadet women's side, it was Emily Fischer finishing first for the Championship title, while Paige Pearce and Emily Bee finish second and third.

The compound junior women were also very evenly matched. Kailey Johnston becomes the JOAD Grand National Champion for 2011, followed closely by Carli Cochran and Kendal Nicely. On the recurve side, it's Shannon Ostling who will take the Championship title, with Holly Stover and Sarah Bernstein taking second and third place final finishes.

For the recurve junior men, Peter Kelchner, who finished first in both events, claims the title of Champion, while Daniel McLaughlin and Jeremiah Cusick take second and third place rankings; for the compound junior men, Garrett Abernathy emerges as the Grand National Champion, followed by Connor Kelly and Aaron Groce in the second and third spots.

The Easton JOAD National Championships, held in Discovery Park, Sacramento, CA, was host to over 260 archers from across the United States. USA Archery thanks title sponsor Easton for its support of this national event, as well as host club Wilderness JOAD, the State Archers of California, the Sacramento Convention and Visitors' Bureau, the University of California - Berkeley Archery Club, and the organizers of the AAE Arizona Cup, for their assistance.

Click here for complete results from the qualification and elimination rounds; click here for the JOAD Grand National Champion standings.

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