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March 08, 2009

Compound Women Sweep Indoor World Championships

Rzeszow (POL) - 8 March 2009 Recurve Men's Podium 

USA Individual Results Summary:

Compound Men GOLD and SILVER - Chance Beaubouef and Jesse Broadwater

Compound Women SWEEP GOLD SILVER BRONZE - Mary (Zorn) Hamm, Holly Larson, and Erika Anschutz

Junior Compound Men GOLD and BRONZE - Kristofer Schaff and Garrett Abernethy

Junior Compound Women SILVER - Kendal Nicely

The individual finals closed the Indoor World Championships 2009 at the Sports Arena of Rzeszow. The host country Poland won an individual world title in recurve junior women and a silver medal in recurve men. USA bought themselves three new world titles, winning the medal ranking with a total of 13 in front of Italy (9). In senior compound, HAMM and BEAUBOUEF (USA) reached the perfect 120 score, both tying the world record.  

Recurve Men The local archer GOLY (POL), seeded no. 31 only, had created some upsets in the previous rounds to gain the rights to shoot for bronze against no. 9 VALLADONT from France. Cheered up by his fans, GOLY took a perfect start with three 10s in the first end. He led VALLADONT by 2 points, 30-28. However, the Frenchman came back to 1 point (57-58) thanks to a 9-10-10 series against 10-9-9 for the Polish.   Both shot a perfect third end with three times 10 each. The difference between the two athletes stayed at 1 point in favour of GOLY. VALLADONT and GOLY both then shot 10 and 9. After VALLADONT finished with a 10, GOLY had to shoot a final 10 to win... but he scored a 9 and the match was tied. Shoot-off!   The Frenchman and the Pole shot the exact same first tie-break arrow, a 9, and therefore had to shoot a second one. After a 10 for each archer in the second shoot-off, the very last arrow would decide on the bronze medallist! Shooting first, VALLADONT got a perfect 10 right in the centre, and this time, it was too much for GOLY who scored a 9.   Seeded no. 4, the local archer DOBROWOLSKI (POL) started as the favourite in his gold medal match. Facing no. 22 HRISTOV (BUL), the Pole opened the match with a perfect first end and took a 2-point lead, 30-28. The score difference did not change after the second end, with the two archers shooting two 10s and a 9. Score at the halfway mark: 59-57 in favour of DOBROWOLSKI. The Pole and the Bulgarian continued both with a perfect third end and DOBROWOLSKI kept his 2-point lead at 89-87.   After 10 and 9 each, HRISTOV finished the match with a 10, putting some pressure on his opponent. With a 9 or a 10, DOBROWOLSKI would win... but he scored an 8 (!) and the score was tied! The first shoot-off arrow was a 10 for the Bulgarian. Cheered up by a noisy Polish crowd, the Polish could stand the pressure this time, also shooting a 10. However, a second 10 by HRISTOV and it was too much for DOBROWOLSKI. With a 9, he left the world title to his opponent from Bulgaria.  

Recurve Women In the recurve women's bronze final, the lead kept going from SCHUH (FRA) to HAYAKAWA (JPN), 2007 indoor world champion. The Frenchwoman first led 30-29 after the first end. But it was then the Japanese's turn to be up front, 59-58 and then 88-87. In the last end, SCHUH benefitted from a poor 26-point series to recover and clinched victory by 1 point (115-114).   After winning the team world title earlier in the day, VALEEVA (ITA) would not mind adding a new gold medal to her already long list of awards. The Italian took the best start with 29 points versus 28 for WINTER (GER). However, with an 8 at her fourth arrow, she let her German opponent take the lead back from her at the halfway mark, 57-56 in favour of WINTER. The latter doubled her advantage, 86-84, with only three arrows to go.   With an 8 at the penultimate arrow, the German lady gave an opening to VALEEVA, but the Italian could only manage a final 9. WINTER could hold pressure shooting 10, essential to win!      Compound Men's Podium  

Compound Men Tied with TOSCO (ITA) at 88 after nine arrows, GENET (FRA) clinched the bronze medal by the shortest margin, 117-116.   The compound men's world title would be for sure American. BROADWATER and BEAUBOUEF (USA) both started with a strong first end of 30 points. Seeded no. 5, BEAUBOUEF continued on the same rhythm, taking a 1-point advantage at the halfway mark, 60-59. His lead was up to 3 points with only three arrows to go, 90-87.   With a 120 grand total, BEAUBOUEF tied the world record his fellow countryman Dee WILDE set in 1995, and clinched gold!  

Compound Women In their bronze medal match, HOLDERNESS (GBR) and ANSCHUTZ (USA) were so close to one another that they needed three shoot-off arrows to decide on the winner! Tied at 117 after 12 arrows, both shot two times 10. The American handled pressure the best with a final 10 to ensure a 100% American compound women's podium.   The match for gold in compound women was 100% American between HAMM and LARSON. More experimented, HAMM took the best start with a perfect 30 end and led by 1 point after three arrows. Another triple 10 for her teammate, and LARSON trailed by 3 (57-60). HAMM, expecting her second baby, proved too strong with three additional 10s in the third end. She increased her lead to 5 points at 90-85.   Clinching victory with 120 points-tying her own world record at the same time-HAMM added a new world title to her collection!  

Recurve Junior Men In the bronze medal match, the lead kept changing from RISINGGARD (NOR) to MARCU (ROU). The Norwegian led 29-27 after three arrows, but the Romanian got it back at 56-55 at the halfway mark. The score was then 83-82 in favour of RISINGGARD, who finally overcame his opponent thanks to a perfect last end and clinched the bronze 113-108.   Shooting for indoor gold, MELOTTO (ITA), 2008 outdoor junior world champion, and DENIS (BEL) took the exact same start with 10-9-10. With an 8 at his fourth arrow, the Italian offered the lead to his contender from Belgium, 57-58. This seemed to free DENIS from pressure and he continued his match with three 10s to carry his lead to 88-85. It was too much for MELOTTO who let the indoor world title go to the Belgian, 114-117.  

Recurve Junior Women For bronze, the Italian FILIPPI made all the difference in the first end already, shooting 29 points while her contender from Ukraine DUBAS only scored 25. Although getting back to 3 points at the halfway mark, the latter could not recover completely from her very bad start and let bronze go to FILIPPI.   The local archer KAMINSKA (POL) was led in the gold final by her opponent from Russia BOMBOEVA 27-28 after three arrows. But shooting an 8 at her sixth arrow, the latter saw the Pole come back and tie the score at the halfway match, 55-55. With two 10s and one 9 each in the third end, the two young ladies were still tied at 84-84 with only two arrows left.   An 8 at BOMBOEVA's last arrow made the Polish fans explode! KAMINSKA offered the world title to the host country on the score of 112-110.  

Compound Junior Men ABERNETHY (USA) floated over his bronze medal match scoring three times 30 in the first three ends. He led in front of FANTI (ITA) 90-86 with only three arrows to go. The American missed the perfect score by a whisker, clinching the bronze medal 119-116.   New world record holder for one day with 120 points, SCHAFF (USA) took an early 1-point lead, 29-28, after three arrows in the gold medal match. The American doubled his advantage at the halfway mark, leading FRIBERG (SWE) 58-56. The gap between the two young archers kept increasing, SCHAFF leading by 3 with only one end to go, 87-84. He clinched victory and world title on the same margin, 115-112.  

Compound Junior Women There was no real suspense in the bronze final between KOLAREK (CRO) and NIETO TALADRIC (ESP). The Spaniard scored a perfect first end of 30 points and led by 3 after three arrows. She managed to keep his advantage up to the end of the match to become world bronze medallist.   The American NICELY and the Russian CHERKASHNEVA took the same start in the match for gold and were tied at 29 points each. At the halfway mark, the two girls had not able to decide between themselves and were still tied at 57-57.   The Russian took the lead first shooting a superb third end of 30 points (87-86). CHERKASHNEVA doubled her advantage at the end of the match to clinch the gold medal.  

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