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July 29, 2011

Champions Crowned, Records Set at Nationals

Yankton, South Dakota - With the final notes of "Auld Lang Syne" echoing through the ballroom, USA Archery closed the books on the 127th National Target Championships at its annual banquet at the Best Western Kelly Inn in Yankton, South Dakota. Hundreds of guests turned out to celebrate the 2011 National Champions, the winners of the coveted Easton and Shenk Awards, and the 2010 Coaches of the Year; the traditional closing song was led by esteemed tournament judge Jane Johnson and USA Archery CEO Denise Parker.

There was a true air of celebration at the banquet, following a day of shooting under sunny skies with significant heat. The recurve women and compound men began the day with the final two distances of their FITA round, shooting 36 arrows at 50 and then 30 meters, on individual 80 centimeter target faces with six ring scoring.

Great Britain's Naomi Folkard, who held the lead at the end of the day yesterday, dropped a bit at 50 and 30 meters, but was able to retain her lead by seven points, ending the tournament with a 1340 and the first place award for the guest division. Miranda Leek (IA) became the new U.S. National Target Champion, shooting a 1333 overall thanks to strong performances at the shorter distances.

Khatuna Lorig (CA) was first at 50 meters with a 346, and ended as the second ranked American with 1329. Jennifer Nichols (TX) finished first at 30 meters with a 351, closing out her week with a 1328. Nichols was also the winner of the Shenk Award again for 2011; the trophy is awarded to the recurve archer with the highest finish at the National Indoor Championships, National Field Championships and National Target Championships.

For the compound men, it was Jesse Broadwater (PA) who came out swinging at both of the shorter distances, shooting a 357 at 50 meters, and a world record setting 360 with 34x at 30 meters, to win the National Championship title with a 1412. With his win, Broadwater also claimed the 2011 Easton Award, presented to the compound archer placing highest in the National Indoor, National Field and National Target Championships.

Broadwater was followed in the National Target Championships placements by Braden Gellenthien (VA), whose total score of 1409 gave him the position of second ranked U.S. archer. Canada's Dietmar Trillus, joining the top nine men with 360s at 30 meters, scored a 1405 for the gold medal in the guest category, while David Cousins (ME) ended as the third ranked American archer, shooting a 1402 overall.

Male recurve and female compound athletes took to the field as the temperatures climbed. Heat was no deterrent to number one World Ranked archer Brady Ellison (AZ), who finished on top at both 50 and 30 meters today, ending his event with the National Championship title and a score of 1362, as well as the Shenk Award for recurve archers.

For fellow Resident Athlete Jake Kaminski (CA), it was solid performances at both of the short distances that landed him a 1332 to lock down the second spot. World Archery Championships teammate Joe Fanchin (CA), also coached by National Head Coach KiSik Lee, shot top three scores at 50 and 30 meters to clinch the third spot. Additionally, fourth place ranked Butch Johnson (CT), shooting a 357 at 30 meters, claimed a new unofficial masters' world record at that distance, breaking his own record set in 2006.

For the compound women, Jamie Van Natta (OH) seemed determined to reclaim both her National Championship title and Easton award, finishing first at 50 meters and second at 30 for an overall title-winning score of 1412. With her strong perfornance this week, Van Natta also ties her own previously set world record.

Other compound women finishing well today included Erika Anschutz (OH), with a solid 349 at 50 meters to finish second with an overall score of 1393. World Archery Championships teammate Christie Colin (PA) turned out a third place 358 at 30 meters which gave her the third spot for the Championships with a 1388. Coming in just behind Colin with a 1385 was Camilla Soemod (DEN), taking top honors in the guest category.

Other national championship titles determined today:
Peter Kelchner (CA) - Recurve junior men
Holly Stover (MI) - Recurve junior women
Chris Luman (GA) - Recurve cadet men
Madison Eich (WA) - Recurve cadet women
Ralph Lawton (PA) - Recurve cub men
Kimie Roop (WA) - Recurve cub women
Hardy Trafford (LA) - Recurve bowmen men
Kai-Lou Yue (MA) - Recurve bowmen women
Paul Winterbower (MO) - Recurve masters 50 plus men
Kathleen Stevenson (OK) - Recurve masters 50 plus women
Thomas Booth (MI) - Recurve masters 60 plus men
David Brandfass (FL) - Recurve masters 70 plus men
Garrett Abernathy (SC) - Compound junior men
Kailey Johnston (GA) - Compound junior women
Greg Fink (MI) - Compound cadet men
Kannsas Michaels (PA) - Compound cadet women
Josh Pflasterer (NE) - Compound cub men
Lindsay Michael (PA) - Compound cub women
Austin Fahey (MN) - Compound bowmen men
Joe Kapp (IN) - Compound masters 50 plus men
Becky Pearson (AZ) - Compound masters 50 plus women
Danny Whitehouse (VT) - Compound masters 60 plus men
Mary Wenzel (VA) - Compound masters 60 plus women
Frank Pearson (AZ) - Compound masters 70 plus men
Lee Ford (GA) - Para recurve women
TJ Pemberton (OK) - Para compound men
Dave Hryn (NY) - Compound fingers masters 50 plus men
Jerry Wenzel (VA) - Compound fingers masters 70 plus men

Also determined today were the recurve athletes who will  go on to participate in the Pan American Games Team Trials, which will take place on Sunday. Participating archers are Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski, Joe Fanchin, Butch Johnson, Peter Kelchner, Dan Schuller, Jacob Wukie and Daniel McLaughlin for the men; Miranda Leek, Khatuna Lorig, Jennifer Nichols, Heather Koehl, Kristin Braun, Nicole Rasor, Holly Stover and Shannon Ostling will compete for the women's spots.

The excitement continues tomorrow with the Hoyt World Open, during which many athletes will compete for significant cash prizes and participate in a shoot-off for a new car. A complete schedule of tomorrow's activities, as well as field of play layouts, can be viewed by clicking here. Live results from the National Target Championships and the Hoyt World Open can be found by clicking here. Follow USA Archery on Twitter and Facebook for exclusive updates and photos throughout the Hoyt World Open and Pan Am Games Team Trials.

** Correction to previously posted article: Kai-Lou Yue (MA) takes the National Championship title for the recurve bowmen women's category. Mikayla Venoms takes second in this category.

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