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January 17, 2010

2010 Coach Education Grants Available Now

USA announced today that the Coach Education Grant Program will continue with at least 70 individual coach grants in 2010. This program proved to be a success in 2009 as more than 40 USA Archery member coaches utilized the program in 2009. The available funding is made possible by USA Archery and the Easton Sports Development Foundation.

"The USA Archery Coaching certification program is one of our larger initiatives over the next several years," said Denise Parker, USA Archery CEO. "This enables USA Archery the opportunity to provide a consistent coaching platform to all coaches."

The purpose of the grant is to help subsidize the cost of transitioning from the previous Coach Education Program to the new USA Archery Coach Certification Program. All USA Archery coaches, who have a current membership, are eligible to apply for one of the grants.

A large emphasis is placed on the grassroots coaches active in the JOAD program. These individuals will be given first priority to receive funding. The Community Coach grant will cover course fees up to $250. The Transition Regional course grants will help offset travel costs for individuals up to $100 and course fees up to $250.

All coaches will receive approval of their grant request prior to attending any of the scheduled courses and reimbursement will be provided upon completion of the course. There are a limited number of grants available for 2010, so apply early.

For more grant application information, class schedules and registration information click here.

If you have any questions regarding the grant process or any of the scheduled courses, please contact Sheri Rhodes, USA Archery Coach Development Manager by email at [email protected].

JOAD Coach Criteria:

  • Coaches must have an active JOAD Program
  • Coaches must be at least an Intermediate (L2) Certified USAA Coach.
  • Coaching Certification and USAA membership must be current
  • JOAD Club and Individual USAA memberships must be current
  • There is no minimum JOAD club size requirement
  • Funding is available for Community and Regional Coach Courses only

Club/Private Coach Criteria:

  • Must have a current athlete training program involving 10 or more students
  • Coaches must be at least an Intermediate (L2) Certified USAA Coach
  • Coaching Certification must be current
  • JOAD Club and Individual USAA memberships must be current
  • Priority will be given to coaches who can demonstrate past success of athletes (i.e., Jr/Sr USAT, Olympians, World Team members, etc)
  • Priority will be given to coaches who work with multiple athletes and multiple disciplines on a regular basis



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