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September 20, 2021

USA Archery Earns Historic 8th Nations Trophy at 54th World Archery Congress

YANKTON, South Dakota – The archery world has converged in the USA for the 2021 World Archery Championships and World Cup Final, but before the “archery hub” of competition begins, World Archery hosted its 54th Congress.

USA Archery’s CEO Rod Menzer and Chief of Sport Performance & Organizational Development Mary Emmons attended as representatives of the U.S. National Governing Body. Menzer accepted the 2019 and 2021 Nation’s Trophies for the best performance across the entire Archery World Cup season. In the circuit’s 15 years since inception in 2006 (events were not held in 2020), this marks the USA’s record 8th win, as the most dominant nation the world over.

USA Archery also continues to be lauded for its equal participation of and support for men and women across both the recurve and compound disciplines.

The 54th World Archery Congress hosted committee elections and several USA candidates were selected, elected or re-elected to serve four-year terms. Hoyt engineer Douglas Denton will serve on the Technical Committee, Bob Pian will serve on the Target Committee and Marty Swanson will sit on the Board of justice and ethics.

National delegates also had the chance to vote on a number of motions and rule changes that will shape the future of our sport. Among the larger motions that passed, internationally, the official naming of age groups will change from cadet, junior and masters to under-18, under-21 and 50-plus. It is also permitted to shoot indoor rounds outdoors.

A more complete explanation of these motions, motions that did not pass, and additional non-binding votes is available via World Archery.


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