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June 15, 2022

USA archers break records at Youth & Masters Pan American Championships

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – Earlier this month at the 2022 Youth & Masters Pan American Championships, USA archers brought home 32 podium finishes and broke numerous event records and a world record during the competition.

USA Archery is proud to congratulate these athletes on achieving record-breaking scores and pushing the boundaries of what our athletes can accomplish in this sport, especially on the world stage.

Event Records:

  • Leeana Burley and William Fowler: Compound U18 Mixed Team Match 16 arrows (152/160 points)
  • Max Rossiter: Barebow U18 men 50-meter round (464/720 points)
  • Erin Heyob: Barebow U18 women 50-meter round (563/720 points)
  • Anastacia Godman: Barebow U21 women 50-meter round (500/720 points)
  • Rick Stonebraker: Barebow 50+ men 50-meter round (612/720 points)
  • Jenifer Stoner: Barebow 50+ women 50-meter round (522/720 points)
  • Susan Bock: Recurve 50+ women 60-meter round (593/720 points)
  • Susan Bock and Mark Williams: Recurve 50+ mixed team 60-meter round (1181/1440 points)

World Record:

  • Susan Bock and Mark Williams: Recurve 50+ mixed team 60-meter round (1181/1440 points)

Bock and Williams’ record is an event record, continental record and world record, achieved while shooting in incredibly windy conditions. Bock commented: “I knew for me that I had never shot in conditions anything like that before. I think we all knew it would be a challenge and our averages were going to take a hit. So for me, I picked a point to aim at and tried to make strong shots.”

Bock said that while the wind was fierce for the women’s line, it was even stronger during the men’s line, so although she and Williams were able to set a record, she looks forward to the chance to shoot this round again and throw down more serious scores.

“I tried to keep my focus on being at my first international tournament and representing the 50+ USA women. I am so very proud to have had this opportunity and can’t wait to do it again,” added Bock.

Complete results from the competition are available on Ianseo. More information on records can be found on the World Archery Americas page. Photos courtesy of Dr. Penny Hetletved.

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