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December 02, 2020

RED Southeast Camps Help Archers Prepare for Indoor Season

The Regional Elite Development (RED) Program is designed to develop recurve and compound archers, through the USA Archery athlete competencies and High-Performance Ethos, who are competitive nationally and internationally. RED athletes take a professional approach to their training and work with the RED Program Coaches to set goals for proficient training.


The RED Southeast team recently held two camps in Hanceville, AL and Valdosta, GA. Each camp followed the same schedule and hosted 12 archers with two coaches as archers focused on preparing for the upcoming indoor season, developing mental process and self-awareness.

RED Southeast Head Coach Dee Falks shared: The archers enjoyed the smaller group camps which allowed for more personal and parent coach interaction, and team building opportunities. This camp was a great way to end the year and start preparations for the indoor season. I want to thank all of the archers, parents, personal coaches and RED Team Southeast coaches for a very successful year and am looking forward to 2021.”

Camp invitee Veronica Walker shared: “I’m pretty sure this was this was the best weekend of my life! I appreciate that the very first thing we did on the very first day was go around the room and introduce ourselves to each other, because that made it a little easier to approach new friends throughout camp. I liked that our breaks and free time were built in and available for us to get to know each other better. Practicing for team scenarios was really neat. My favorite thing was how positive the coaches were with everybody. They truly took an interest in us as individuals and as archers and encouraged us to be the best version of ourselves. I really hope I am invited to the next camp!”

Lauren Brittain, another camp invitee agreed: “In my wildest dreams I didn’t think RED camp was going to be as much fun as it turned out to be.” Her camp highlights included one-on-one coaching feedback, core stability and balance training drills, learning from international competition footage and competition with teammates: “All the drills and all the shooting time made this the best time I’ve ever had.”

RED compound archer Will Fowler also shared that his experience at camp was fantastic: “The individual coaching for each archer was a great help to everybody, me included. From this camp, I have gained a wealth of knowledge. The most impressive part of the RED camp was that the archers came together as a team. This has to have been one of the best camps I’ve been too and I’m glad to have come and learned from Coach Dee and Coach Jeff.”

Jennifer Walker attended camp as a parent and Coach Observer. “Our RED Camp experience was excellent from start to finish!” shared Walker. “The lessons were well thought out and executed, challenging the archers to grow, but not so demanding that there was frustration. Parents were close enough to hear the dialogue between coaches and archers. This will be so beneficial, because we will be able to use the same vocabulary and application lessons learned during camp, which will lead to continued, consistent practice at home. Thank you for this event. Thank you for investing in our children. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.”

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