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November 12, 2019

New Benefit: Achievement Awards Can Be Added to USA Archery Member Accounts!

In USA Archery’s continued efforts to improve offerings for clubs and members, we are pleased to introduce the opportunity for club leaders to electronically add Achievement Awards to an individual USA Archery member profile if the member is part of their USA Archery club roster.

Moving forward, Club Directors and Administrators of Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), Adult Archery Program, and Collegiate Archery Program clubs in good standing will be able to electronically add green through yellow achievement award pins to USA Archery member account profiles on their club roster.

Requests for Olympian Awards and Adult Bronze, Silver, and Gold Pins will still be sent to USA Archery and USA Archery will add those awards to member profiles.

USA Archery will continue to sell achievement award pins and lanyards on the USA Archery Shop and will still send Olympian and Adult Bronze, Silver and Gold pins to members as done in the past. The new “virtual” achievement awards are simply an additional way for members to proudly track and display their achievements. USA Archery is also working to provide members the opportunity to share their “virtual” achievement awards with friends and family via social media and will notify members when this feature is available.

In addition, USA Archery will begin to electronically add World Archery Performance Awards to member profiles when a request form is sent to and approved by USA Archery.

For both Achievement Awards and World Archery Performance Awards, USA Archery will not back-fill award information to member’s account, however Club Director’s and Administrators may update a member account with applicable historical data.

Club Leaders should continue reading for instructions on how to electronically add Achievement Awards to an individual’s member profile:

  • Log in to your USA Archery account:
  • Select your Club account (not your personal account)
  • Click Members on the left-hand side
  • Open the drop-down to access the profile of the member’s account to which you are adding the award 
  • Click Achievement Awards (in options under member profile)
  • Click Add Achievement Award
  • Select the correct program, division and award type and add the award. Note: Awards must be added in consecutive order and members will not be able to add awards to their own account.

Please contact USA Archery at [email protected] for more information. We look forward to continuing to offer additional benefits to make our members’ experience the best it can be!

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