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July 21, 2023

JOAD and Adult Achievement Award winners named by USA Archery

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Congratulations to the latest recipients of JOAD Olympian and Adult Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, which are part of USA Archery’s Achievement Award Program.

Whether you are an athlete, parent or coach, earning the Olympian and Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are a great way to push your limits, test your resolve and motivate yourself to get back on the training field.

Coaches and parents can earn these awards along with their students, allowing students to see adults go through the same struggles they do.


Steve Oakley

Gold Indoor Barebow
Johana Czako Gold Outdoor Barebow
Henry Lemmon Gold Outdoor Barebow
Ed Salley Gold Outdoor Barebow
Grant Young Gold Outdoor Barebow
Dustin Grate Gold Indoor Compound
Jared Eleccion Gold Indoor Fixed Pins
Rich Hardway Gold Indoor Fixed Pins
Katherine Wu Gold Outdoor Recurve
Peter Bienkowski Silver Indoor Barebow
Thomas Cannon Silver Indoor Barebow
Johana Czako Silver Outdoor Barebow
Steve Oakley Silver Indoor Barebow
Megan Penner Silver Indoor Barebow
Andrew Powell Silver Indoor Barebow
Thomas Wasson Silver Outdoor Barebow
Chauncey Wilkins Silver Outdoor Barebow
Petula Workman Silver Outdoor Barebow
Grant Young Silver Outdoor Barebow
Katherine Herr Silver Indoor Basic Compound
Dustin Grate Silver Indoor Compound

Kate Lilly

Silver Indoor Compound
Nazhruddin Macalandong Silver Outdoor Compound
Ildefonso Ramirez Silver Indoor Compound
Michael Shaw Silver Outdoor Compound
Rick Vanderheiden Silver Indoor Compound
Jared Eleccion Silver Indoor Fixed Pins
Katherine Wu Silver Outdoor Recurve
Johana Czako Bronze Outdoor Barebow
William Hammac Bronze Indoor Barebow
Edward Kabbas Bronze Indoor Barebow
Steve Oakley Bronze Indoor Barebow
Thomas Wasson Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Katharine White Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Petula Workman Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Grant Young Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Katherine Herr  Bronze Indoor Basic Compound
Eric Gaspar Bronze Indoor Compound
Kate Lilly Bronze Indoor Compound
Kyle Held Bronze Indoor Compound
Nazhruddin Macalandong Bronze Outdoor Compound
Ildefonso Ramirez Bronze Indoor Compound
Michael Shaw Bronze Outdoor Compound
Jared Eleccion Bronze Indoor Fixed Pins
Randolph McDonald Bronze Indoor Recurve
Elias McKee Bronze Indoor Recurve


Ayana Butt

Gold Outdoor Barebow

Morgan Freeman

Gold Indoor Barebow

Darren Fry

Gold Outdoor Barebow

Sierra Nation

Gold Outdoor Barebow

John Shelby Stephens

Gold Outdoor Barebow

Maya Young

Gold Outdoor Barebow

Brendan Davis

Gold Outdoor Basic Compound

Meghan Garrison

Gold Outdoor Basic Compound

Caleb Anderson

Gold Outdoor Compound
Ana Burke Gold Indoor Compound
Dylan Jameson Gold Outdoor Compound
Savannah O'Donohue Gold Indoor Compound
Bill Mills Gold Indoor Compound
Klayre Smith Gold Indoor Compound
James Waldron Gold Indoor Compound
Laurel Anderson Gold Indoor Recurve
Joshua Baek Gold Outdoor Recurve
Joseph Huey Gold Outdoor Recurve

Jordan Marie Meiners

Gold Outdoor Recurve
Patrick Nielsen Gold Outdoor Recurve
Akshara Vijay Gold Outdoor Recurve
Ayana Butt Silver Outdoor Barebow
Darren Fry Silver Outdoor Barebow
Sarah Mercado Silver Outdoor Barebow
Sierra Nation Silver Outdoor Barebow
Logan Wong Silver Indoor Barebow
Maya Young Silver Outdoor Barebow
Penny Winner Silver Outdoor Basic Compound
Caleb Anderson Silver Outdoor Compound
Hayden Bradley Silver Outdoor Compound
Hudson Brown Silver Indoor Compound
Ana Burke Silver Indoor Compound
Hunter Carlton Silver Outdoor Compound
Joshua Costello Silver Indoor Compound
Kaelee DeRemer Silver Indoor Compound
Madisyn Eastabrooks Silver Outdoor Compound
Tyce Grate Silver Indoor Compound
Colton Green Silver Indoor Compound
Dylan Jameson Silver Indoor Compound
Madison Kaspshak Silver Outdoor Compound
Noah McIntyre Silver Indoor Compound
Kenzie Niese Silver Indoor Compound
Carson Pak Silver Outdoor Compound
Benson Seawell Silver Outdoor Compound
James Waldron Silver Outdoor Compound
James Waldron Silver Indoor Compound
Nataleigh Newhouse Silver Indoor Fixed Pins
Zion Cheon Silver Indoor Recurve
Charvika Gopi Silver Outdoor Recurve
Madeleine Han Silver Indoor Recurve
Ryann Hempleman Silver Outdoor Recurve
Morgan Kehlenbach Silver Outdoor Recurve
Ava McCord Silver Indoor Recurve
Patrick Nielsen Silver Outdoor Recurve
Jolene Zjou Silver Outdoor Recurve
Ayana Butt Bronze Indoor Barebow
Kaitlyn Burgess Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Liam Feri Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Owen Howard Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Siena Jewell Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Raeleigh McKellar Bronze Indoor Barebow
Sarah Mercado Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Sierra Nation Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Dean Rosas Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Lukas Rostron Bronze Outdoor Barebow
DJ Spurr Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Logan Wong Bronze Indoor Barebow
Amy Wu Bronze Outdoor Barebow
Kayla Baum Bronze Outdoor Compound
Jake Beighle Bronze Indoor Compound
Jerika Branson Bronze Indoor Compound
Ana Burke Bronze Indoor Compound
Veronica Burke Bronze Indoor Compound
Dean Capellari Bronze Indoor Compound
Joshua Costello Bronze Indoor Compound
Michale Gardner Bronze Indoor Compound
Connor Goehring Bronze Outdoor Compound
Tyce Grate Bronze Indoor Compound
Colton Green Bronze Indoor Compound
Keegan Grissom Bronze Indoor Compound
Kale Irlmeier Bronze Outdoor Compound
Dylan Jameson Bronze Indoor Compound
Anzlee Kilby Bronze Indoor Compound
Khloe Markle Bronze Indoor Compound
Ruthie Masengale Bronze Indoor Compound
Julianna McCool Bronze Indoor Compound
Colton McQueary Bronze Indoor Compound
Callidora Muonio Bronze Indoor Compound
Ashley Nash Bronze Indoor Compound
Kenzie Niese Bronze Indoor Compound
Carson Pak Bronze Indoor Compound
Carson Pak Bronze Outdoor Compound

Benson Seawell

Bronze Outdoor Compound
Adam Shackelford Bronze Outdoor Compound
James Waldron Bronze Indoor Compound
James Waldron Bronze Outdoor Compound
Sara Westcott Bronze Outdoor Compound
John Ziolo Bronze Outdoor Compound
Zachary Adkins Bronze Indoor Fixed Pins
Ryan Goforth Bronze Indoor Fixed Pins
Zion Cheon Bronze Indoor Recurve
Madeleine Han Bronze Indoor Recurve
Alexander Ma Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Ava McCord Bronze Indoor Recurve
Hudson McPherson Bronze Indoor Recurve
Danica Morissette Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Aidan Saliger Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Caelan Shanklin Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Cassandra Silverio Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Vinusha Sridhar Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Matthew Tuttle Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Allison Yang Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Ryan Yee Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Ryli Yee Bronze Outdoor Recurve
Irene Zheng Bronze Indoor Recurve
Jolene Zjou Bronze Outdoor Recurve

These awards are part of the USA Archery Achievement Program, which provides achievement award pins for progressive scoring achievements, and encourages youth and adult archers to accomplish goals in the sport of archery.

In addition to a certificate and pin, Bronze JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a backpack, Silver JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a lightweight jacket, and Gold JOAD Olympian awards are recognized with a belt buckle. 

Archers wishing to earn these awards must be current youth, adult, or family members of USA Archery and part of a registered USA Archery Youth or Adult club. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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