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December 18, 2009

World Archery is on Facebook and Twitter

World Archery launched its official Facebook and Twitter pages. These new platforms will allow archers to stay connected, informed, and involved with the sport they love. The target is to develop open communication between archers from all over the world.

Join us on our new Facebook page! You are welcome to give us your opinion in the Discussion board on the topic: "What do you expect from World Archery on Facebook?" You may also visit the Events section dedicated to the World Cup 2010, where you can let people know about your participation, or leave a message for the competitors!

The page also proposes links to the Facebook pages of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, London 2012 Olympic Games and many other sports entities. Join us and the archers of the world on Facebook!

From now you can follow us on Twitter as well, and be notified whenever we post a major headline on our homepage!

Vanessa LEE, the young Canadian archer who won the recent Video Contest of the International Olympic Committee, believes the use of these new means of communication by World Archery "will really help bring the international archery community closer together, allowing talented and enthusiastic athletes to share their passion for the sport. I can't wait to see archers sharing information about training and competitions as well as simply networking with other archers through the World Archery Facebook wall and discussions."


World Archery Facebook page:

World Archery Twitter page:


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