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March 30, 2010

USAA March BOD Meeting Recap

On Friday, March 19th the USA Archery Board of Directors met in Colorado Springs, Colo., for the first meeting that included new members Linda Beck, Cindy Bevilacqua, Greg Easton and Helen Sahi. Two issues that were core agenda items included a revised Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct policies along with a proposal from the JOAD Committee for a change in the format for the 2010 JOAD National Championships. Both items were approved, along with the Board's recommendation to the JOAD Committee to review the new format to try to minimize any "cutting" of athletes if possible.




The new Code of Ethics and related policies will go into effect May 1, 2010.  A follow-up blog will be released that will identify the 2010 events for which athletes and non-athletes will be asked to sign the pledge prior to participation.  In addition, USAA will be scheduling question and answer sessions at both the Arizona Cup and Texas Shootout to answer questions related to the new code. USAA will also post the presentations online.


The new Code is a project the Board of Directors has been working on for the last year in response to a lack of understanding of expectations and confusion related to the complaint process. The Board is excited to present this to the membership and feels that USAA has a great Board of Justice and Ethics committee to enforce it.  Prior to approval of the Code, all major constituency groups were asked to review the code and provide input, including athletes, coaches and officials.


To review the approved code, please click here. The code will be attachments to the right.




The Board unanimously voted to support the JOAD committee's recommended change of format for the 2010 JOAD Nationals.  However, they did ask the committee to review the format for any possible way to minimize or eliminate any cutting of the athletes relative to the team round. The Board felt strongly that the new format would engage more athletes in the team round and better prepare our athletes for future international competitions.


To review the format, please click here.


SPRINGFIELD, MO - Letter of Understanding


The Board approved the signing of a Letter of Understanding between the Greater Springfield area Community Olympic Development Program and USA Archery. The Letter outlines the collaborative effort between both organizations to develop sport in the community at the grassroots youth and intermediate level, thereby increasing sport participation in their community.


To review the Letter of Understanding, please click here.


This is just the start to what is expected to be a great partnership with the city of Springfield and USA Archery. Their status as a Community Olympic Development Program means they are committed to Olympic ideals and the development of athletes. These ideals are in line with USA Archery and make a great partnership.




Bill Corbin was unanimously elected to fulfill a second term as Board Chairman. His term will extend through early 2012. The Board and I thank Bill for his leadership efforts and willingness to give his time toward bettering our organization.




The Board agreed that action needs to occur to increase and support the officials in this country. A strategy needs to be identified to determine how we can pay them for their services without increasing the current tournament fees. We will work with the Officials and Rules Committee to develop a strategy.




The Board also addressed the need to revamp what was felt to be an antiquated dress code policy. We will be working with the Officials and Rules Committee to draft a policy that is directed more towards the desired outcome, for example appropriate and professional attire and move away from a dress code that regulates specifics, including colors.




A policy related to coach access to their athletes during national events was passed. The following policy was passed and will be immediately effective for all 2010 events. However, this policy yields to FITA rules at World Ranking events, which includes the Arizona Cup.


Official Practice: Coaches may join their archers in all areas.


Qualification/Ranking Rounds: Coaches are not permitted in the archer's area (Targets, shooting line, waiting/equipment area, archers seating/canopies), except as archers agents.


Individual Elimination Rounds: One coach per archer will be allowed as far forward as the waiting line.


Team Rounds: A team may have one coach in the designated coach's area. Same team uniform is NOT required for individual archer coaches at USAA events.


USAA policy yields to FITA rules at World Ranking, World Cups, World Championship, and other FITA events in compliance with FITA sanctioning.




Fundraising Task Force - Greg Easton, the newly elected board member, will lead the fundraising task force. They will be looking to put a strategy in place to maximize fundraising initiatives. Other directors participating in this committee include Helen Sahi, Cindy Bevilacqua, Linda Beck and Erika Anschutz.


Bylaws Task Force - The bylaws task force will be reviewing necessary bylaws revisions including a change in the bylaws to address a needed staggered term for the athlete representatives on the Board as well as a process to replace Board members who leave prior to their term expiring. Members of this task force include Jennifer Nichols, Tom Green and Belinda Foxworth.


International Relations Task Force - The Board also created an international task force to develop a comprehensive strategy related to becoming more engaged in international affairs and committees. The group will also develop a better communications strategy for those individuals within the U.S. who are active in international relations. This task force includes Greg Easton, Tom Green and Jennifer Nichols.


Audit Committee - The audit committee, which is chaired by Belinda Foxworth and includes Bill Corbin, Helen Sahi and Erika Anschutz, will be reviewing the current financial, travel and record keeping policies of USAA and recommend any adjustments. They will also be reviewing the USAA results, scorecards and tournament records to determine a recommendation to the board of directors related to how long and in what manner these records should be kept.




The Board has tentatively scheduled a follow-up conference call for Monday, April 26.



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