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October 05, 2016

USA Archery Restructuring High Performance Staff and Hiring National Women's Head Coach

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - USA Archery is working to capitalize on the great success we have seen internationally in recent years and to increase the depth of our high performance athletes and developmental programs.

In the past year, USA Archery's high performance program has reached new heights with the greatest possible training opportunities granted by the opening of the Easton Archery Center of Excellence. Resident Athletes Mackenzie Brown and Zach Garrett, under National Head Coach KiSik Lee's direction, made the 2016 U.S. Olympic Archery Team and our top athletes brought home a second consecutive team silver medal and the first U.S. individual medal in 16 years as Brady Ellison clinched the bronze in Rio.

We are pleased to announce that Coach Lee has signed a four-year contract with USA Archery to remain through 2020. He will be increasing his focus on the men's program. USA Archery could not be happier with our men's team performance in Rio and we want to push the program further with more dedicated focus from Coach Lee.

USA Archery is now hiring a National Women's Head Coach to work out of the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center to lead the training programs for the women's national and international teams, Resident Athletes and Junior Dream Teams to prepare elite athletes for competitive archery success at the international level.

The National Women's Head Coach will serve as the women's archery coach at domestic and international competitions and training events and will work with Coach Lee, the USA Archery staff and the Athlete Advisory Council members on development of the High Performance Plan and training programs.

Richard "Guy" Krueger, who has been USA Archery's High Performance Manager and Assistant Head Coach since 2012 is stepping into a new role as Education and Training Manager. One of USA Archery's highest priority initiatives as an organization is to do a better job of educating and training our coaches and clubs to better develop talent at a grassroots level. Krueger will also take on additional duties related to furthering judge development nationwide. As we grow as a sport, there is a need for more, and better quality, judges and coaches and Kruger will manage our efforts in these areas.

"We are very excited about these changes in our staff structure," commented USA Archery CEO Denise Parker. "We are honored to have Coach Lee for another four years and believe that we can be better positioned for the future with these changes."

View the National Women's Head Coach position on our careers page for more information. 

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