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January 30, 2017

USA Archery Celebrates 2016 Q4 Achievement Award Recipients

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - The USA Archery Achievement Award Program is designed to motivate and challenge archers, allowing youth, collegiate and adult archers alike to set structured and realistic goals to grow in the sport and to celebrate progress.

 Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), Collegiate Archery Program and Adult Archery Program archers can earn advanced levels of recognition with Olympian awards and Bronze, Silver and Gold pins that signify high levels of achievement through continued hard work and dedication to the sport of archery. Pins can be earned indoors or outdoors in barebow, basic compound, bowhunter, recurve and compound divisions.

In addition to club pin shoots, archers can earn pins at USA Archery Sanctioned Events, so the Achievement Award Program is a great way to measure personal success and improvement at all levels, from recreational practice to larger events such as the 2017 U.S. National Indoor Championships and JOAD National Indoor Championships.

12-year old Zane Stull of Tuscarora Archers in Maryland recently earned his Gold Olympian award. "It means a lot to me," Zane shared after earning the award. "The biggest thing with me is my mindset, I've been working to get more in the mindset that if your form is correct the arrow will go where you want it to."

Zane added: "I knew what I needed to get the score, but when I realized I was shooting good enough to get it I tried to keep it in the back of my mind so it wouldn't mess with my mind while I was shooting. When I finished the round I felt amazing, I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe I pulled through and got it, it was a great feeling."

Congratulations from USA Archery to the following JOAD Olympian award recipients who earned their awards during the fourth and final quarter of 2016:

JOAD Bronze Olympian

JOAD Silver Olympian

JOAD Gold Olympian

C = Compound R = Recurve B = Barebow BC = Basic Compound BH = Bowhunter


Sabrina Varga - C

Cole Zeug - C

Matthew Nofel - R

Harrison Dexter - C

Jayde Alderman - R

Jared Bartz - C

Shawn Strader - C

Vance LeSatz - C

Hayden Bartz - C

Ethan Wagman - C

Sawyer Cawley - C

Tyler Robinson - R

Blake Williams - R

Matthew Russell - C

Hunter Hogan - C

Vance LeSatz - C

Jenna Yost - C

Alex Trentham - C

Paxton LeSatz - C

Daniel Roney - C

Andrew Mantle - R

Matthew Russell - C

Erin White - R

Athena Caiopoulos - C

Erin White - R

Darrel Hogan - C

Dakota Galliano - B

Bryce Wilfert - B

Hunter Hogan - C


Grayson Rivard - C



Tyler Bruyette - C



Kevin Holt Albertson - C



Klaire Adams - C



Mitch Powers - C



Darrel Hogan - C



Hyunwoo Do - R



Marcus Cooley - C



Garrett Satchell - C



Matthew Hanson - R



Clay Weaver - C



Ramsey Lechner - R




Amanda Jewell Branch - C

Jackson Mirich - R

Jackson Mirich - R

Ena Walter - C

Katelyn Carstens - C

Braeden Howes - C

Conner Kaufhold - R

Matthew Nofel - R

Matthew Nofel - R

Matthew Nofel - R

Doug Newell - B

Meredith Anderson - C

Evan Koepfer - C

Avery Newell - B

Sophia Howard - C

Paul Konoff - C

Hunter Hogan - C

Avery Newell - B

Karalyn Karjala - C

Dakota Prior - C

Hunter Hogan - C

Darrel Hogan - C

Blake Estep - C

Austin Allen - C

Avery Newell - B

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