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July 12, 2013

US National Target Champions Crowned in Ohio

HAMILTON, Ohio - The 129th US National Target Championships drew to a close today with fantastic shooting despite variable winds. The Easton JOAD Nationals, being held simultaneously, also concluded its qualification rounds, and is set for team rounds tomorrow, followed by elimination matches to determine JOAD's Grand National Champions.

Erika Jones won the compound women's division by a wide margin, shooting a strong 1412. Jamie Van Natta and Brittany Lorenti followed her in second and third place, respectively. Braden Gellenthien, shooting a 1391, retained his first place status from yesterday and won the compound men's division just ahead of Bridger Deaton and Jesse Broadwater.

Brady Ellison stayed in first throughout the ranking round, determined to keep hold of the national champion title - and he succeeded with a 1344. Jacob Wukie and Jeremiah Cusick rounded out the recurve men's division podium. Miranda Leek took her place as recurve women's national champion, clinching the title with a 1351 - just ahead of Jennifer Hardy and Khatuna Lorig, keeping the 2012 Olympic team's hold over the recurve women's rankings this year.

Gary Yamaguchi and Kathleen Stevenson won gold in the recurve masters 50+ divisions while Rick McKinney and Elzbieta Tworek took silver and Glenn Meyers and Roberta Jones claimed bronze medals. Jeff Wiseman and Angie Olds kept first in the recurve master's 60+ divisions while Thomas Booth and Paula Prichard finished second and David Ontell and Suzanne Phillips placed third. Larry Skinner, David Brandfass and Steve Robinson took the podium for the men's recurve masters 70+ division.

Jeff Button and Sandie Swirles-Duncan won the compound masters 50+ divisions followed by Ron Hardesty, Jim Beasley, and Kathy Miller. Glenn Campbell and Linda Huff claimed the winning titles in the compound masters 60+ divisions with Ted Lemanski and Steven Wood just behind for the men. Darrel Gehman and Mary Wenzel were victorious at the end of the day for compound masters 70+ and Douglas Sheliga and K. Terry Morrill placed second and third for the men. P. Jerry Wenzel took the gold medal for compound fingers masters 70+.

Russell Wolfe claimed gold for the recurve ARW2 division. Timothy Palumbo and Edward Patton clinched first and second for recurve AR standing men. Lee Ford edged out Kinga Kiss-Johnson for the national title in the recurve AR standing women's division. Matt Stutzman came back today to finish first for compound AR open men over Eric Bennett and John Bellora.  

Charlene Trafford won gold over Joan Pooley for the barebow women's division, while Elizabeth Coombe and Skip Trafford won uncontested titles for barebow masters women 50+ and men 60+.

These placements exclude international competitors. Archers will enter the US Open here tomorrow and the ranking from today and yesterday combined will serve as the seeding for elimination matches.  

The JOAD archers also completed their ranking event with some new names on the podium after heated competition and much display of talent.

Zachary Garrett took first in the Easton JOAD Nationals qualification rounds over Byron Crites and Connor Sorley for recurve junior men. Lauren Clamon retained her first place status over Madison Eich and Elizabeth Caughell for recurve junior women. Alex Wifler finished on top of the compound junior men ahead of Steven Manfull and Danny Button. On the women's side Brogan Williams clinched first over Gabrielly Cyr and KayLeigh Rogers.

In the largest division on the field, Andrew Mateo stood out with the highest score, followed by Christopher Plumeau and Geun Kim for recurve cadet men. Anna Miscione also shone today, ending qualifications in first, followed closely by Eliana Claps and Karissa Yamaguchi. Christopher Bee, Kolby Hanley and Jonathan Clark took the top three positions for compound cadet men. The compound cadet women were led by Meagan Petitt, Allie Blazek and Danielle Reynolds.

Mikayla Venoms, Meghan Collins, Madeleine Ducote, Hardy Trafford, Austin Cha, and Brian Bullis placed themselves well for eliminations Sunday for the recurve cub divisions claiming the top three positions for men and women. Ted Strychalski, Logan Bunker, Andrew Mouchabeck, Hala Skelton, Victoria Kamilar and Amanda Peterson did the same on the compound cub field.

Tyler King dominated the recurve bowmen men's division. Debin Oblander and Darek Wiss were right behind him on the podium. Alexa Claps, Rishika Kumar, and Kiersten Busch are also seeded top three for recurve bowmen women. For compound bowmen men, Spencer Yee, Samuel White and Jacob Estrada clinched medal finishes as did women, Sachiko Keane, Trinity Todd and Sarah Spangler.

Tomorrow, the JOAD archers will compete in team rounds, giving them valuable tournament experience that is fun and fast-paced; the Easton JOAD Nationals elimination rounds take place on Sunday.

Complete, live results can be found at for the US National Target Championships and at for the Easton JOAD Nationals. Follow USA Archery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for photos and updates from the field throughout the competition.

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