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September 03, 2015

Texas Shootout Top Four Women Just Four Points Apart

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Over two hundred archers took to the field at Texas A&M University today for the final USAT Series Event of the summer. The compound and cadet recurve archers fired the first shots of the Texas Shootout with tight scores and fierce competition. 

One of the hottest competition brackets was the senior compound women, where four points separated the top four finishers: Dahlia Crook with 683, Crystal Gauvin and Lexi Keller, both with 682, and Emily Bee with 679.

Emily commented: "I had the electronic [scoring device], which makes it kind of tricky - halfway through I remembered that it shows how close everyone is and your total score and placement, so me, Crystal and Lexi (who all shot on the same bale) were so close.

Then, all of a sudden towards the end we were bumping down and I was looking around like 'who is shooting lights out right now?' Dahlia."

Dahlia added, "My last three ends I started shooting really well, I was really happy about that." Emily was psyched for her friend and cheered for her, "That's awesome, good job!"

Crystal Gauvin mentioned, "All three of us were together on a bale in SoCal [Showdown] and we were really close there too. I don't really pay attention to the scores, because I'm more competitive with myself than with other people. I'd rather shoot a good score and be low in the standings than shoot a bad score and be higher up."

The competitors shared a similar thought, which Emily voiced: "Being friendly with everyone is a lot more fun because I've been at tournaments when everyone has their competition face on and no one wants to talk but when we're talking and having fun, it's better."

Lexi agreed:  "Right, we're all in the same boat, we've all gone through the same things, it's more relatable when someone is struggling so we can laugh at it and cheer each other up. You know you can only shoot your own shot.

Dahlia echoed that, "Today was really fun, I had a great time. I just like archery and I love shooting."

Competition resumes tomorrow with elimination matches, and then the remaining recurve archers take the field Saturday. Complete results and live scores throughout the weekend can be found here. For more, follow USA Archery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Congratulations to the top finishers in each division:

Compound Senior Men: Reo Wilde, 702

Compound Open Men: Lance Thornton, 680

W1 Men: Jerry Shields, 584

Compound Junior Men: Caleb Sorrells, 694

Compound Senior Women: Dahlia Crook, 683

Compound Junior Women: Emily Fischer, 674

Compound Collegiate Women: Brogan Williams, 676

Compound Cadet Men: Bryce Seidell, 677

Compound Cadet Women:

Recurve Cadet Men: Brian Bullis Jr., 657

Recurve Cadet Women: Grace Kim, 633

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