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August 20, 2010

Summer Camp season ends with the Easton Newberry JOAD Camp


Eighteen JOAD athletes from FL, GA, NC, TX, NH and CO attended the most recent JOAD Camp at the Easton Archery Center of Excellence, in Newberry FL on August 12-15.  Each day, the athletes ages 9-18 learned the same elite level information and skills as the Junior Dream Team during JDT Phase 1 Training.  By Sunday, each archer had a plan and a set of goals to implement the new skills in their training at home. The camp is structured so that each archer can implement the National Training System, develop an effective training regimen, learn the Specific Physical Training (SPT) techniques and use new training aides including form straps, light bows, string bows, stretch bands and the FormMaster.
In addition to the many hours spent learning and practicing the National Training System, archers participated in sessions for Tournament Preparation, Specific Physical Training (SPT) techniques, Nutrition and Physical Training and Goal Setting.  Video critiques were also taken at the beginning and end of the camp and reviewed with each archer.


Students shot an 18m Indoor Round and a fast-paced 18m Team Round. Winners of the individual 18m Round were; Male: Gold - Blake Estep, Silver - Ryan Oliver, Bronze - Gan Gryffin. Female: Gold - Olivia Lodise, Silver - Olivia Huffer, Bronze - Sadie Thrift.. Winners of the Team Round were: Gold - Arrow Avengers; Gan Gryffin, Daniel Walker and Jacquelyn Lovelace; Silver - Hot Shots; Dan Smith, Ayme Francis, and Sadie Thrift; Bronze - The Hood; Olivia Lodise, Gabe Santos, and Jack Schol.


At the end of the course, each archer received a Certificate of Excellence and a CD with copies of all of the presentations given during the course.  The Easton Archery Center also donated Easton Sports Foundation Form Straps to every student.
The course was led by Elite Coaches Jim White and Bob Romero, Regional Coach John Kristoff and Level III Coach Phil Graves. Coach Tom Korte and the new Easton Archery Center Asst. Coach, Robert Turner also gave valuable assistance during the course. Several parent-coaches of the athletes attended as Observer Coaches to improve their own knowledge. 
Thanks also to Brandi Lovelace and the entire staff of the EastonArcheryCenter for their great support to help make the event a fun, smooth and exciting event for everyone!

USA Archery will be scheduling more camps to be held next summer.

For more information on USA Archery's JOAD Camps for next summer contact USAA JOAD Coordinator Diane Watson

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