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April 01, 2010

Revisions to the USA Archery Rolling Ranking Formula Announced

USA Archery, with the support of the USAA Athlete Advisory Committee, announced on Thursday revisions to the Rolling Ranking formula that will be used throughout the 2010 competitive year. The revised formula was developed over the past several months in response to the change to the set system format.  With the new set system, USAA is not able to continue to calculate a 12 arrow average as outlined in the prior formula, as there would be cases where archers do not shoot a full 12 arrow match.  The change in competition format combined with an unknown number of arrows shot during a match led USA Archery to use a common denominator, a Single Arrow average. 

The Rolling Ranking Average will be calculated utilizing the mathematical equations as in the previous Rolling Ranking Systems, however instead of a 12-Arrow Match Average, the Rolling Ranking calculations will be completed using the top three Single Arrow Averages.

"We want to be clear that this is simply a fix, we understand there are more issues to solve in the rolling ranking process and are still moving toward a resolution with the Athlete Committee to find a permanent change that will enable us to combine the USAT and Rolling Rank into a single ranking system," said Denise Parker, USA Archery CEO. "This fix is to get us through the transition to the set-system format. I want to thank the USAA Athlete Committee and High Performance Manager Robby Beyer for their work and review of this formula."

USA Archery uses the rolling ranking for selecting athletes for international competition as well as eligibility for U.S. Olympic Committee and some USAA support services. This new formula will be used in selecting athletes for the third and fourth Archery World Cup events and the 2010 Pan American Championships, which is the qualifying event for the 2011 Pan American Games

The new rolling ranking document is can be found by clicking the link below. For more information on the revnised USA Archery Rolling Ranking, contact USA Archery High Performance Manager Robby Beyer at (619) 482-6175 or email at [email protected].

Click Here For The 2010 Rolling Ranking Specifics


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