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July 01, 2015

Outdoor Nationals Weather Update

DECATUR, Alabama - Rain, wind, cold - even snow won't stop a field full of archers. But lighting will, and when it's forecast, it changes the game at tournaments like Outdoor Nationals.

Lightning struck at approximately 1:00 p.m. this afternoon in Decatur, causing weather delays and questions about what that means. USA Archery - and the Jack Allen Recreation Complex - will call a weather delay when lightning strikes within an 8-mile radius of the venue.

At that point, officials will set a clock for 30 minutes, and begin monitoring lightning in the area. The weather delay will continue until 30 minutes has passed without a lightning strike.

Fortunately, Twitter provides a great way for USA Archery to notify archers of weather delays and related updates. When a weather delay occurs, USA Archery will not only announce the delay at the field, but will also notify archers via Twitter. USA Archery staff will provide Twitter updates every 30-60 minutes, as information becomes available.

When weather poses a challenge, USA Archery's hope is to complete as much of the tournament as possible. Though weather delays are a normal part of outdoor sports, staff will work hard to monitor adverse weather conditions, keeping archers and spectators up to date.

USA Archery is grateful to all event participants for their continued patience with changing weather conditions. Ensuring the safety of all archers and spectators is the highest priority when making weather related decisions.

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