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April 04, 2018

New Rule on One Arrow Shoot Offs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado - On April 1, 2018, World Archery published an update to the World Archery Rule Book, in relation to outdoor target archery match tie breakers. This new rule will apply at USA Archery events, effective immediately.

The new rule, which applies only to individual outdoor matches, not team matches, is as follows: Individuals:

  • A single arrow shoot-off for score;
  • If both archers score a 10 (recurve) or X (compound) on their first shoot-off arrow, then the match would be considered a tie and a second shoot-off arrow will be needed to resolve the match;
  • If the score is the same the arrow closest to the centre of the target face shall resolve the tie and if the distance is the same, successive single arrow shoot-offs, until the tie is resolved.
  • If both athletes miss the scoring area of the target, both athletes will shoot an additional arrow. 

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